Friday, August 28, 2009

Life after Death

It is the 7th lunar month of the year again. It is a time when the so called the gates of heaven, hell and realm of the living are opened and the inhabitants of the nether world come out to visit relatives and roam the human world. Also known as the 7th month, the month is observed by many Chinese and is a major part of Chinese Culture. Also known as the Ghost Festival, the month is in fact observed, and even celebrated by many chinese.

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When a person comes to live, they come naked and when they go, they leave naked, leaving all clothes, monetary, physical possessions and relations behind. It is the same for whichever religion one may belong to. That is a fact. It is also a fact that one comes to be born to go through the passages of life, age, sickness and death.

There is a popular saying that if one does not goes through these four phases in life, one would not be reborn.

I don't believe in being reborn, but I do believe that after I pass on, my spirit goes somewhere, either up or down. It is always interesting to know that in some beliefs, the spirit may not go up and down, but rather stay in the world of humans where they roam the world. Honestly, I do believe that there are spirits, no. I can't see them but rather I do feel them at times. The moments of sudden chillness when one enters a strange room is indescrible.

Sometimes and most times, I rather believe than not when we are talking about a world or paradigm of existence where I can't see or for the better of fact, most people can't too.

Some people do say, that they can see such stuff, greyish matter that floats everywhere around us, especially during this period or when they are in hospitals and cemeteries. Hospitals are the worse they say as these floating matters very open have holes in their bodies due to whatever reasons that they were there in the first place. Come to know a secret too, these people wheo can see such things, have green veins that connect their eyes to the visory cabailities. Believe or not?

Now back to the 7th month.

Buring of incense, placing of food for these wandering spirits to savour and the burning of "paper" clothes, ATM machines, cars and other stuff are common sights during this period. Of course, the "send to" gifts are all just paper made and modelled after their real and practical counterparts.

Honestly, I think sometimes, that they have better lift than the living...

I always hope for money that would drop from Heaven or the sky. ......


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