Thursday, June 26, 2008


These days playing online games (eg. Maple Story and Also catching up with some old games Medal and Honour (Allied Assault). Not to be forgotten: PSP: Fifa 2008.

Don't really fancy Maple Story as takes a long time to level up the character and really is endless fighting and fighting. However, quite shiok lah, to see character level up. No choice but to play this, as my kids play this. One good thing though, from the game, my kids vocab has somewhat improved and so has their typing skills.

Imperiaonline is an excellent game, in my opinion at least. Real time resource development, and fighting and pit yourself and army with all the other players in the world. You can be attacked when you are offline, so what it takes is a good economic base and strong army. Simple game interface with little complications in terms of technology development and the like.

Medal and honour, the typical 1st person shooting game. Think should hook this up with another laptop and play with my kid.

PSP- mobile and portable. endless possibility in Fifa 2008. Looking for some good RPG games for this platform. Surprising I bought this for the kids but none of them got hooked on this- instead now I am the one playing.