Friday, April 4, 2008

Your Online Reputation, Does it matter?

Well more often than not, we would say YES!

If you say NO!, then ask yourself this, does it matter if someone you know puts up a page blasting you of everything that you have not done online?

How about having all your dirty laundry published on the web?

Found this article (How to Defend Your Online Reputation: Five Tips) on

The 5 Tips:-

1) Goggle Yourself and see if there is anything out there that can lead you to sue them (pun intended). Goggle is a reputation engine besides just being a search engine

2) Comb the web like a carpet for pages on the web that even Goggle cannot access eg. Facebook pages. What then should we do to comb these pages?

3) Opt out early and often- reduce your online exposure through junk mail and the like.

4) Do your own background check that people can easily retrieved from the web.

5) Defend your reputation when all else fails and that mosquito falls through the net of four above.

Interesting article, go read it!

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