Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I become a Librarian?

Recently, someone asked me why did I become a librarian, and get stuck in a low pay job when I could jolly well move out and seek greener pasture elsewhere in the private sector?

Hmm.. my answer was that librarians are cool with passionate interiors, smart, have high standards of achievements and have great potential to be famous.

Why do I say that?

Librarians always look damn cool when they sit at the information counter, when a person approaches with a question to anything under the sun. The librarian cannot panic but rather have to dissect the question and strip the person down to his/ her inner most core to find out the real question. Aren't the Librarian passionate?

Librarians are smart as they hold the key to understanding the library, and how the library is to be used. The key to understanding the world of information. Librarians are smart as they have to dissect each and every other seemingly confused user who seemly seems to know what they are asking. Librarians are smart as they have to find an answer to every question, be it where is the bus stop to what do you think is the colour of my underwear!!!

High standards of achievement as for starters every book have to be arranged neatly by the classification and their book call numbers. High standards of achievement as they cannot afford to give you wrong information (as if they do, they do themselves and the profession a great injustice.) It is a occupational hazard, we don't have a choice for risk of censure by the God of Information and being referred to the Disciplinary committee of Accuracy and Negligence. favourite. Do your home work and find out how many famous political leaders, actors and actresses, have a background or has worked as a librarian before? (Hint, try Google)

So you see, my seemingly simple answer confused my friend and that is the beginning of my job as a librarian.

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