Thursday, April 3, 2008

Virtual E Business: $1197 in Just 1 One Sale!!!

Are you into ebusiness?

I am. I have explored with various ways of making money through the Internet and of course have been scammed too several times! All part of the learning lesson, I guess.
Nonetheless I am still into it and still very interested in online marketing, online sales, online businesses. (must supplement my miserable income mah!)

The below is one of several items I would be letting go at a remarkably low price. Not that these are no more useful to me or anything, but it is because I have the resale rights to these stuff. In addition, if the item is not good or have not prove useful for me, then I would also not sell them here. (sia suay mah!!!)

Oh, I don't promise you the world, as there is no such thing as free lunch and no effort, but with this, you have another perspective and another chance/ opportunity...

Interested please let me know...

Title: Virtual eBiz
Format: eBook
Price: $10 SGD
Delivery Mechanism: Email
Payment mode: Bank Transfer

Earn $72,506.42 a year without any product.

It's amazing! These days everyone wants their own online business, everyone wants to be a millionaire or earn a six figure income right out of their own homes. Does this feel familiar? Are you chasing the dream, getting involved in one get rich quick scam after another, "downlines" or "up-lines".

How would you like...No Office - No Phones - No Staff - No Business Meetings - No Forms To Fill Out - Just Cold Hard Cash In The Mail Everyday?

That's exactly what less than 1% of affiliates are doing online to make a comfortable six figure income, right out of their own homes, without ever having to worry about developing new products, taking on a merchant account, taking orders, processing deliveries or customer service.

And, If you study how they do this here's what you'll discover.

They all have their own web sites.
They all offer valuable content for their visitors.
They all build their own "list" right off their website.
They all run their own newsletters to stay in touch and make new offers.

You can be like them too, churning the money without sweat though not without some work.

For more details, drop me a email or leave a comment.

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