Thursday, April 10, 2008

SMRT wins an award and more train trips

At the Inaugural Metro awards, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) won an award for providing users with the "Best Passenger Experience".

Just recently, SMRT was slapped with a $300k plus fine for lapses in service.

More recently, SMRT announced that they are going to provide an additional 700 train trips per week.

Whats with all this SMRT news? I take the train daily and any news on more train trains is definitely a good news, and I think those judges at the Metro awards must have not had on ground knowledge to award SMRT that award.

How could SMRT have won? I really wonder....

For starters, try taking a train during the peak hours of each day, if you can find enough room to move around, I would say, well done!

Honestly, even the 700 train trips per week, is really no big deal if you are to break down frequency of it all. 700 train trips per week means essentially 100 per day. Each day, say, the trains operate approximately 19 hours (5.30 am to 12 pm), that works out to 5.2 additional trips per hour. Not forgetting that we have E-W Line and the N-S line that is run by SMRT, that works out to only 2.6 additional trip per hour. Each train at full capacity can take 1,800 passengers. That's the maths, so 2.6 additional trip is equivalent to about 4,000 passengers.

I am not too sure how this would help even though SMRT says that the additional cost of 4 million won't be passed onto passengers...

Honestly, and definitely, when I have foreign guests here, the trains are not something that I would take during the peak hours less they suffer the experience of being packed like sardines, humid+ people= stuffy trains, no standing space and so on.

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