Wednesday, April 2, 2008


These days, it seems like more and more Singaporeans are being cheated. Be it a phone, lottery winning scam or a "kidnap" scam. Almost every other day, through forums and papers, I would hear of someone being cheated or nicely put it, SCAMM-ed!

Oh well, what seems to be too good to be true would likely not be true.

Imagine, scams involving allegations of phone calls by Police, the Courts and other government agencies to people and asking them to deposit money into specific bank accounts to resolve "police" cases, etc. Grief! Any person with a good tint of common sense would know that this is not the way, government agencies work. Come to think of it, if they work like that, won't that be corruption?!!!!

As the Police says...

Cheating scams may take different forms but these scams are all designed to cheat victims into parting with their money. When in doubt, the public is advised to verify the caller's identity with the agency or organisation the caller claims to be from, even if the caller ID appears to belong to the agency or organisation. Members of the public are advised to remain calm and call the Police immediately if they are approached in a similar manner.

Either scammers are more clever now, or people are getting a little complacent!

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