Thursday, April 3, 2008


Bought a PSP about a month ago, when I was on leave and moving house.

Was debating internally whether to get a NDS or a PSP for a while after my kids had a several go"s" on PSP during a family gathering.

NDS: small screen, not so attractive graphics, game and watch type, easier to play "ahem and/or homebrew" games and cheaper price, warranty.

PSP: nicer graphics, larger screen, warranty gone once modified to play "ahem/ homebrew" games, better sounds, easier to go wifi, MORE expensive.

After doing extensive "research!" and asking of prices around and coupled with finding a good deal on a PSP, decided to get one.

That's how I BECOME the proud owner of a black PSP with 4gb mem card and 10 games thrown in. Proud lah, because I think so long long time did not buy any stuff for myself to play with already!

So far, playing FIFA 2008 while Mrs and kids playing Spongebob Square Pants and Brave World Traveller.

Seems like haven't played my computer games for a while....but the thing about me is I still prefer the older generation computer games as compared to the now better graphics, sounds, storyline stuff.

Maybe I getting old. (self talk again)

Games are my way of relaxing and unwinding...

Oh anyway, history, info and specs of PSP can be found here

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