Monday, April 21, 2008

The One Critical Factor

The Committee of Inquiry report on the escape of Mas Selamat was released today.

The following 3 critical factors were named for the successful escape of Singapore's most infamous terrorist:-

1) ungrilled toilet ventilation window;
2) guards allowed a Selamat to completely close the cubicle door when Selamat needs to use the toilet;
3) weak perimeter fence

Honestly, I think the whole episode boils down to ONE key weakness...the ungrilled toilet ventilation window.

How in the world can a toilet window of a detention facility be without grilles?

The other two factors don't come into play, had the window grilles be in place.

and one more thing, I assume, the CCTVs were all not working (or perhaps pointing in a different direction), the 7 rolls of toilet paper were easily obtainable from within the cubicle to break his fall and the 7 toilet rolls would do wonders in breaking fall, and that Selamat had done a proper recce of the detention preimeter wall and fencing, including which pipe leads where and so on to mount this successful escape!

Selamat definitely wasn't complacent.

I am truly amazed and yes, this really boils down to complacency on the detention centre's top brass.


QQ*librarian said...

Hi, TD

And did you read in Mr Brown's blog about how Mas Selamat broke his fall using 7 rolls of toilet paper? The whole escapade sounds pretty much like a joke, an assault to our country's "sovereignty"?! :-P

tiny digit said...

nope. its always a wonder how things happen around here these days