Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore

Read this over CNA this morning.

The Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSI-SG) was developed by the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU to look at the satisfaction level across eight key economic sectors. It takes into account elements such as customer expectations and the quality of products or services, influence customer satisfaction.Tourists takes up close to 18% of total surveyed.

The aim of this index is for companies to use their gradings or scores in this index as a benchmark against their competitors and subsequently to improve services and/or business.

Singapore scored 68.7% on the national satisfaction index. Coming out tops for individual mention is the SIA while those singled out in the report as having less than satisfactory grades include the SBS Transit and the 2 National health care clusters.

In terms of sector ranking, tourism (as usual) came out first with Education and Transport sectors coming in next, the telecommunications sector came out last.

What was more interesting were the followings parts of the report:-

while housewife Ms Cynthia Sin, 47, felt the scoring for public buses was harsh. "I depend on public transport, and I think it is quite efficient," she said.

That Singaporeans could have higher expectations was also a "possibility". Even so, only 6.3 per cent of respondents had complained to a company at least once in the last three or six months — compared with the US' 14 per cent.

While Singapore's national average is healthy, there is some catching up to do, said Ises director Caroline Lim. South Korea and the United States, which use the same model, scored 72 and 75 respectively

Data was collected through face-to-face interviews with 10,229 households and 2,159 tourists between May 1 and July 23 last year

Why do I feel like the first statement was planted? a deliberate statement to tell of more hikes to come?

Singaporeans will complain when they feel that it is convenient for them to do so. Not complaining doesn't mean that they are happy with things. The silent majority in another sense.

I have not been to the States but to know that Singapore is not even there on par with the States in this index is somewhat quite alarming. Thought I remembered friends telling me that US is not really good at Customer Service, maybe I am wrong.

Should really do a new survey now and see what impact has the price increases on basic items, and the like on the survey.

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