Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fantasy Island

Standing outside, I looked at the architecture, first world, first class design indeed.
I stepped forward, the doors opened automatically and I was greeted by a sign that says "Singaporeans step this way to the left, Non Singaporean this way to the right please."
I moved to join the queue on the left.

The queue was orderly and the queue moved pretty quickly, so much for efficiency and technology in processing entries into the inner rooms.

Its my turn next.
"IC please?"
I passed my IC to the lady behind the counter and passed her the necessary $100 to gain admission into the inner circle.
"Thank you, you may proceed through middle chamber please."

I walked towards the middle chamber and there, right there at the entrance stood two males in smart suit. Hands behind their backs like a ever ready soldier to take orders from his superiors. The doors swung opened.

I couldn't see a thing clearly, its so smoky. Wait, I smell the scent of the Marlboro deodorants, I think there is the Dunhill one too. Whoosh! too many deodorants makes the place so poignant.
Never mind, I shall watch my steps and hold my nose.

The place is crowded indeed, with people of many shapes, sizes, colours and age. There are the usual ringing bells and the normal clatter and banging of the tables. The usual shouts of joy and the screams of disbelief. Really a metropolis of sounds, smells and sights.

Somehow a corner caught my attention. On the sign it says " Budget hotels bookings available at special rates ". Now that makes sense for all these counters that we normally find in hotels.
Right next to the sign, there is another directional signage that says "Companions to the hotels can be found at the back lane of this building, with an accompanying arrow that points straight towards the door next to a roll of toilets.

Hmm. interesting, companions? what companions? I moved in the direction and walked past the toilets, opening the door to the back lane.

This sign greeted me " Singaporeans are not available at the back lane. For PRCs, Thais, Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians please turn right. For Russians and others from the Baltic Region please turn left. Indians and others, please move on in a straight line. For Japanese, Koreans, Americans and other Europeans, please check with the hotel reservation desks for information.

Oh.. companions!

I turned back. not towards the hotel reservation desk but towards the many tables situated in front of me. However, another sign caught my attention.
"Beer can be found at Level one, Liquor at Level 2"

Not bad at all. There are companions, drinks and even smokes available here, unlike the rest of Singapore. This surely must be a special privileged place where even though the law exists, the law can be side stepped for the few who are here. Just hope this place don't get overly crowded and that people who comes here will keep quiet.

This is one place (though not the only place) where surveillance cameras can see you having smokes, talking prices with your companion, having a beer after a game or two all in the name of having fun and seeking excitement. Nothing wrong at all, just that this entire place is AIR CON!!!

Surely if you doubt that the laws prohibiting smoking in public and air-conditioned spaces were enacted to prevent people who pay taxes and live here from dying from second hand smoke, first hand inhaled tobacco and other chemicals, from dying too early for their good, then surely the new casino smoking laws will silence those questions in your head from now and ever more.

(Liquor+ women+ gambling + smokes) all in one place = Sin City ???
Lives < importance than experience and fun?

""Ring""" I wake up. RUBBING my eyes, phew! So glad that it is a dream.

Did you know that people can smoke in the CASINOS that are upcoming in the next 2 -3 years? Casinos in many countries ban smoking in their game halls too why not Singapore? Why the inconsistency?

Experience?!!! my foot!

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