Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maple Story Guide to Getting More Mesos

My earlier post indicated that I have been playing games of late. So, after some playing on the Maple Story platform, came to the conclusion that there are some simple ways to earn money (mesos) in the game.

One can do Party Quest...

Party Questing is a great way to earn money. The prizes such as scrolls and weapons can easily sell for thousands even millions at Ludibrium pq. Quests plays a major part on earning money in Maplestory. Some quests like the Jane and the Wild Boar can give you a scroll worth a million and not forgetting that Subani's Legacy Discovery will make you rich with its glove attack scroll worth easily two million.

Can also try Scrolling...

Scrolling a risk it all for millions of coins. You should scroll with a 10% first. If it works, scroll the rest of the slots with 60%'s. If it doesn't work, sell the item and get another one. This makes the scrolled item the best stats without taking that much chances. The best things to scroll are white work gloves with attack scrolls and your class's weapon; if its pretty well scrolled, it can sell for millions(9 attack -11 attack work glove and a +10 attack - 17 attack weapon)

Be a Merchant...

Being a merchant is an awesome way to make coins. Buy low and sell high. Scrolls and stars are great merchant items because many people don't know the real price of those items. Just check here for the prices of items.

Not forgetting TRAINING...

Training. This is the most common way to earn money. You first look up monsters that are around your level and that drop good scrolls/ equips or lots of money. You train on that monster till you get drops. Always keep an empty space in your inventory to avoid being looted by others.

Now some may wonder why I post this out of the blue...hhmmm. I think I almost went bankrupt with a almost dying character in the game. Needs portions and lots of rest....However, I thought if I have a big bag of mesos, needn't have rest, just buy the post to help fellow mapler beginners start off...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


These days playing online games (eg. Maple Story and Also catching up with some old games Medal and Honour (Allied Assault). Not to be forgotten: PSP: Fifa 2008.

Don't really fancy Maple Story as takes a long time to level up the character and really is endless fighting and fighting. However, quite shiok lah, to see character level up. No choice but to play this, as my kids play this. One good thing though, from the game, my kids vocab has somewhat improved and so has their typing skills.

Imperiaonline is an excellent game, in my opinion at least. Real time resource development, and fighting and pit yourself and army with all the other players in the world. You can be attacked when you are offline, so what it takes is a good economic base and strong army. Simple game interface with little complications in terms of technology development and the like.

Medal and honour, the typical 1st person shooting game. Think should hook this up with another laptop and play with my kid.

PSP- mobile and portable. endless possibility in Fifa 2008. Looking for some good RPG games for this platform. Surprising I bought this for the kids but none of them got hooked on this- instead now I am the one playing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Woman of Steel and Courage: Elizabeth Choy

Besides the usual war heros who don arms and carry shields, today's spotlight is on a lady who smuggled medical supplies, radios, food and other necessities for POWs captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore during the Second World War.

Elizabeth Choy was caught by the Japanese after her husband and her were foudn to be smuggling medical supplies, radios, food and other necessities for POWs at the then Mental Hospital (Miyako Hospital). Captured on 15 November 1943, she endured 200 days of starvation and torture before the Japs released her.

After the War, celebrated as a survivor of the Japanese Occupation, she was invited to England and had an audience with Queen Elizabeth.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fantasy Island

Standing outside, I looked at the architecture, first world, first class design indeed.
I stepped forward, the doors opened automatically and I was greeted by a sign that says "Singaporeans step this way to the left, Non Singaporean this way to the right please."
I moved to join the queue on the left.

The queue was orderly and the queue moved pretty quickly, so much for efficiency and technology in processing entries into the inner rooms.

Its my turn next.
"IC please?"
I passed my IC to the lady behind the counter and passed her the necessary $100 to gain admission into the inner circle.
"Thank you, you may proceed through middle chamber please."

I walked towards the middle chamber and there, right there at the entrance stood two males in smart suit. Hands behind their backs like a ever ready soldier to take orders from his superiors. The doors swung opened.

I couldn't see a thing clearly, its so smoky. Wait, I smell the scent of the Marlboro deodorants, I think there is the Dunhill one too. Whoosh! too many deodorants makes the place so poignant.
Never mind, I shall watch my steps and hold my nose.

The place is crowded indeed, with people of many shapes, sizes, colours and age. There are the usual ringing bells and the normal clatter and banging of the tables. The usual shouts of joy and the screams of disbelief. Really a metropolis of sounds, smells and sights.

Somehow a corner caught my attention. On the sign it says " Budget hotels bookings available at special rates ". Now that makes sense for all these counters that we normally find in hotels.
Right next to the sign, there is another directional signage that says "Companions to the hotels can be found at the back lane of this building, with an accompanying arrow that points straight towards the door next to a roll of toilets.

Hmm. interesting, companions? what companions? I moved in the direction and walked past the toilets, opening the door to the back lane.

This sign greeted me " Singaporeans are not available at the back lane. For PRCs, Thais, Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians please turn right. For Russians and others from the Baltic Region please turn left. Indians and others, please move on in a straight line. For Japanese, Koreans, Americans and other Europeans, please check with the hotel reservation desks for information.

Oh.. companions!

I turned back. not towards the hotel reservation desk but towards the many tables situated in front of me. However, another sign caught my attention.
"Beer can be found at Level one, Liquor at Level 2"

Not bad at all. There are companions, drinks and even smokes available here, unlike the rest of Singapore. This surely must be a special privileged place where even though the law exists, the law can be side stepped for the few who are here. Just hope this place don't get overly crowded and that people who comes here will keep quiet.

This is one place (though not the only place) where surveillance cameras can see you having smokes, talking prices with your companion, having a beer after a game or two all in the name of having fun and seeking excitement. Nothing wrong at all, just that this entire place is AIR CON!!!

Surely if you doubt that the laws prohibiting smoking in public and air-conditioned spaces were enacted to prevent people who pay taxes and live here from dying from second hand smoke, first hand inhaled tobacco and other chemicals, from dying too early for their good, then surely the new casino smoking laws will silence those questions in your head from now and ever more.

(Liquor+ women+ gambling + smokes) all in one place = Sin City ???
Lives < importance than experience and fun?

""Ring""" I wake up. RUBBING my eyes, phew! So glad that it is a dream.

Did you know that people can smoke in the CASINOS that are upcoming in the next 2 -3 years? Casinos in many countries ban smoking in their game halls too why not Singapore? Why the inconsistency?

Experience?!!! my foot!

Friday, April 25, 2008

War Hero: Lieutenant Adnan Saidi

"Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata" - death before dishonour

That's what this man exemplify!

Lt. Adnan was born in Selangor, Malaysia in 1915. He was trained as a teacher but who felt that the life of a soldier was more appealing to him. he left the teaching profession and joined the army.

In the late 1941, Lt. Adnan was posted to Singapore to lead the 1st.Malay Regiment. Entrusted with the defence of Pasir Panjang Ridge. Pasir Panjang Ridge then was a important and strategic location to be held at all cost as this location paves the way to the Alexandra where much of British's ammunition and supplies, military hospital and other key installations were located.

The loss of this ridge to the Japanese would have been catastrophic for the British.

At the "Battle of Opium Hill" (as this battle was more famously known), The 1st Malay Regiment was both outnumber and under supplied, yet the Regiment managed to hold on to this Ridge for about 2 days (13-14 Feb 1941) causing a slight hiccup in the advance of the Japanese.

Lt Adnan personal qualities of bravery and courage motivated his troops to the extent when even in retreat and with no ammunition, they fought hand to hand with the Japaneses. His personal qualities and effective leadership in the height of the battle, causing the many Japanese casualties at this battle made Lt Adnan a hated man of the Japanese. The capture of Lt. Adnan, he was given a gruel some death where he was bayoneted many a times and the silting of his throat. His family was not spared too as the Japanese seek out his family after the capture of Singapore.

Today, the fiery spirit of Adnan and his men is remembered by a war memorial plaque in Kent Ridge Park erected in their honour, and the etching on the main memorial column wall of the Kranji War Cemetery No. 385 bearing the words "Lt. Adnan Saidi"


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Choosing the Right Running Shoe, the DIY way

I like to run since young and have been running ever since, no thanks to the my annual IPPT and In Camp training.

In the past, I would just go out there and buy the cheapest pair of running shoes and more often than not, the shoes either don't last a while or would give get my feet painful and uncomfortable.
Well, as my family situation improves, what comes next were shoes that were slightly more expensive but nontheless still gives me uncomfortable feet and painful soles.

The lesson learnt then was not the price of the shoes that matter, but rather the right fit and the right shoes for the right occasion.

In order to get the right pair of running shoes, no matter how well you understand how your feet lands, the shape of your feet, the most inportant one factor is how comfortable your feet is in them when you try them on and walk. Do you feel that your feet is pressed against the sides of the shoes? Do you feel that your shoes is tight at the toes and/ or too loose? All these plays a very important part in keeping your running feet in good condition.

Basically, there are a few things that you need to know before you even get down to buying a new pair of running shoes.

1) Understand how your feet lands- or Pronation in jargon. The feet should land with the outside heel and subsequently landing up to the ball of your foot evenly. Any other way of landing gives rise to over or under pronation.

2) Understand what your foot type is via the wet test.

A better study of how shoes can be better chosen can be found here.

This is also where I learnt how to run and breathe properly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The One Critical Factor

The Committee of Inquiry report on the escape of Mas Selamat was released today.

The following 3 critical factors were named for the successful escape of Singapore's most infamous terrorist:-

1) ungrilled toilet ventilation window;
2) guards allowed a Selamat to completely close the cubicle door when Selamat needs to use the toilet;
3) weak perimeter fence

Honestly, I think the whole episode boils down to ONE key weakness...the ungrilled toilet ventilation window.

How in the world can a toilet window of a detention facility be without grilles?

The other two factors don't come into play, had the window grilles be in place.

and one more thing, I assume, the CCTVs were all not working (or perhaps pointing in a different direction), the 7 rolls of toilet paper were easily obtainable from within the cubicle to break his fall and the 7 toilet rolls would do wonders in breaking fall, and that Selamat had done a proper recce of the detention preimeter wall and fencing, including which pipe leads where and so on to mount this successful escape!

Selamat definitely wasn't complacent.

I am truly amazed and yes, this really boils down to complacency on the detention centre's top brass.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The World of Model Soldiers

I wonder how many boys (or even) the girls out there remember the hobby or just even playing with model soldiers.

I sure do. I remember I have a good collection of the British, the Americans, Germans and even the Gurkha, not forgetting the cowboys and the Indians too.

Come to think of it, they brought me many hours of fun and wild imagination and fantasy.

As I grew older, I did some searches and study here and there on model soldiers and one of my favourite site to go for info is John Tunstill's World of Model Soldiers.

Read about the early history of model soldiers and also the later collection of such soldiers.

Perhaps I should start to seriously look at this hobby once again....but first, let me get my fish tank up first.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I become a Librarian?

Recently, someone asked me why did I become a librarian, and get stuck in a low pay job when I could jolly well move out and seek greener pasture elsewhere in the private sector?

Hmm.. my answer was that librarians are cool with passionate interiors, smart, have high standards of achievements and have great potential to be famous.

Why do I say that?

Librarians always look damn cool when they sit at the information counter, when a person approaches with a question to anything under the sun. The librarian cannot panic but rather have to dissect the question and strip the person down to his/ her inner most core to find out the real question. Aren't the Librarian passionate?

Librarians are smart as they hold the key to understanding the library, and how the library is to be used. The key to understanding the world of information. Librarians are smart as they have to dissect each and every other seemingly confused user who seemly seems to know what they are asking. Librarians are smart as they have to find an answer to every question, be it where is the bus stop to what do you think is the colour of my underwear!!!

High standards of achievement as for starters every book have to be arranged neatly by the classification and their book call numbers. High standards of achievement as they cannot afford to give you wrong information (as if they do, they do themselves and the profession a great injustice.) It is a occupational hazard, we don't have a choice for risk of censure by the God of Information and being referred to the Disciplinary committee of Accuracy and Negligence. favourite. Do your home work and find out how many famous political leaders, actors and actresses, have a background or has worked as a librarian before? (Hint, try Google)

So you see, my seemingly simple answer confused my friend and that is the beginning of my job as a librarian.

Olympic Touch/ Flame. The Significance...

Everyone is talking about it, the papers carry news on it, political leaders talk about it, people feel angry about it, people feel sad about it.

I am talking about the Olympic Flame.

Fights, quarrels and violence surround it amidst the peace, togetherness and unity that the Games symbolises.

Do you know that the Olympic Touch/ flame is actually to commemorate the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics.

Now, the Olympic touch/ flame is used mainly as a marketing promotion as the symbol of the Olympic Games.

At one time, even Adolf Hitler used the touch a the Berlin Olympic Games as a tool to propagate Nazi ideology.

So what does the Olympic Games really mean?

According to Wiki, the Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event subdivided into summer and winter sporting events. The original Olympic Games were first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until AD 393. Greek poet and newspaper editor Panagiotis Soutsos in his poem "Dialogue of the Dead" in 1833. Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. In 1894, the International Olympic Committee was set up and the first Olympic Games under their banner was in 1896, in Athens ,Greece.

The Games have also been embroiled in many countries calling for boycott of the games due to one reason or another such as in 1972, 1976 by the African countries, 1976 by China, 1980 because of Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan and even the current 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The Olympic represents officially the unity of five inhabited continents, as presented by the 5 intertwined coloured rings known as the Olympic Rings (one colour representing one continent).

The Olympic Motto ""Citius, Altius, Fortius", meaning in Latin "Swifter, Stronger and Higher"

Perhaps most imperatively in the message of the Games is contained in the Olympic Creed

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

...the fighting spirit of the Human Race.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

SMRT wins an award and more train trips

At the Inaugural Metro awards, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) won an award for providing users with the "Best Passenger Experience".

Just recently, SMRT was slapped with a $300k plus fine for lapses in service.

More recently, SMRT announced that they are going to provide an additional 700 train trips per week.

Whats with all this SMRT news? I take the train daily and any news on more train trains is definitely a good news, and I think those judges at the Metro awards must have not had on ground knowledge to award SMRT that award.

How could SMRT have won? I really wonder....

For starters, try taking a train during the peak hours of each day, if you can find enough room to move around, I would say, well done!

Honestly, even the 700 train trips per week, is really no big deal if you are to break down frequency of it all. 700 train trips per week means essentially 100 per day. Each day, say, the trains operate approximately 19 hours (5.30 am to 12 pm), that works out to 5.2 additional trips per hour. Not forgetting that we have E-W Line and the N-S line that is run by SMRT, that works out to only 2.6 additional trip per hour. Each train at full capacity can take 1,800 passengers. That's the maths, so 2.6 additional trip is equivalent to about 4,000 passengers.

I am not too sure how this would help even though SMRT says that the additional cost of 4 million won't be passed onto passengers...

Honestly, and definitely, when I have foreign guests here, the trains are not something that I would take during the peak hours less they suffer the experience of being packed like sardines, humid+ people= stuffy trains, no standing space and so on.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just discovered this, this morning.

I signed up as a member.

Pretty cool site, with the entire Singapore looked at by districts and once you signed up, you automatically become a member of your residential district...

Lots of forum topics but traffic a little slow. (as just started out mah in 2008).

Oh, did I mentioned the section on Member Recommended Blogs. neat.

First Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore

Read this over CNA this morning.

The Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSI-SG) was developed by the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU to look at the satisfaction level across eight key economic sectors. It takes into account elements such as customer expectations and the quality of products or services, influence customer satisfaction.Tourists takes up close to 18% of total surveyed.

The aim of this index is for companies to use their gradings or scores in this index as a benchmark against their competitors and subsequently to improve services and/or business.

Singapore scored 68.7% on the national satisfaction index. Coming out tops for individual mention is the SIA while those singled out in the report as having less than satisfactory grades include the SBS Transit and the 2 National health care clusters.

In terms of sector ranking, tourism (as usual) came out first with Education and Transport sectors coming in next, the telecommunications sector came out last.

What was more interesting were the followings parts of the report:-

while housewife Ms Cynthia Sin, 47, felt the scoring for public buses was harsh. "I depend on public transport, and I think it is quite efficient," she said.

That Singaporeans could have higher expectations was also a "possibility". Even so, only 6.3 per cent of respondents had complained to a company at least once in the last three or six months — compared with the US' 14 per cent.

While Singapore's national average is healthy, there is some catching up to do, said Ises director Caroline Lim. South Korea and the United States, which use the same model, scored 72 and 75 respectively

Data was collected through face-to-face interviews with 10,229 households and 2,159 tourists between May 1 and July 23 last year

Why do I feel like the first statement was planted? a deliberate statement to tell of more hikes to come?

Singaporeans will complain when they feel that it is convenient for them to do so. Not complaining doesn't mean that they are happy with things. The silent majority in another sense.

I have not been to the States but to know that Singapore is not even there on par with the States in this index is somewhat quite alarming. Thought I remembered friends telling me that US is not really good at Customer Service, maybe I am wrong.

Should really do a new survey now and see what impact has the price increases on basic items, and the like on the survey.

Blogs Can Kill!

Haha, pick this up on a lazy Tuesday morning.

article on New York Times.

Essentially a good post on blogging and the hazards of blogging.

"They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home"

It is interesting though to see how the process of deduction can be drawn so easily from commonality found in the exhibits (no offence meant), or in this case the fatalities.

The process of deduction is a age long theory that hinges on the elimination and discovering of probabilities. Deduction is used as a possible referencing point to things that have yet to be proven. There is still a need to proof that the outcome derived from deduction/ or deducing is correct and accurate.

Eg. A and B are bloggers and both died blogging, can we then deduce that blogging caused their deaths? Possible but we would still have to prove that blogging actually and really caused their deaths. Can we say deduce blogging caused inert forces in their bodies to react and as such causd them to have strokes, heart attacks, arteries blockage, etc? Possible but we would still need to prove that too.

A and B, I don't think live similar lives for us to quickly derive at the conclusion without the need for more tests and examinations.

I personally feel that that headlines in the New Yong Times can be better placed to reflect this.

While the hazards of blogging are there, one cannot deny that these are hazards of a sedentary lifestyle that are faced by many all over the world.

You may want to look at Relax, Chill and Maybe Blog in reference to the article above for starking reminder on why blog!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tips to Having a DIY Water Feature at Home

With my moving house something like 4 weeks back, I acquired a water feature for the house.

I needed a water feature that is something like 4 m by 4 m big, not too sure whether to rear fish inside at that time, so went round water feature hunting.

Introducing the parts of a water feature:
1) The water tank that holds the water and in which your pump, lights would sit.
2) the surrounding wall that is made of man made bricks, or some would call them stones.
3) the pump that pumps water so that you have a water feature that is alive and some pumps filter the "dirty" stuff too.
4) the light to beautify your water feature especially at night.
5) the PVC pipes through which the water would flow and out from the spout.
6) the pebbles to fill your tank with, so that it looks nice.

In any case, just hope to pen some learning points from it all.

My wife and I went to a couple of landscaping shops and they include:-
1) Nature Landscapes;
2) Hawaii Landscapes;
3) Fast East Flora;
4) Ji Mei Flower Pte Ltd;
5) Tropical Environment Pte Ltd;
6) Bargain Garden

Starting off, we have 2 choices, either to buy one off the rack but customised the bits and pieces or to DIY everything from the tank, pump, "stones" and even the light.

Well, the price difference varies on the choice of water feature and also from where we get it from, and the price difference can be as much as two to three thousands dollars. Needlessly to say if you DIY, things are cheaper but aesthetically wise, there MAY be a compromise and that sometimes, the items you choose say the spout may not be suitable with the overall design and look of the water feature.

Some things to look out for when you want to have a water feature:-

1) What is the maximum space you have? Proximity to a power point and a water supply?

You need to know exactly where to place the water feature and imagine, or draw on the floor where it would supposedly stand. Get a feel of it. Electrical point is essential for the water pump and light while water supply is essential unless you want to keep carrying buckets of water to do refilling when the water in it evaporates. Do also consider what is the preferred height that you want your water feature to be, I have seen very high ones.

2) Indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor water feature would supposedly be larger in space and also should feature some trees or plants around it to give it the aesthetic look. Indoor features should look gracious and comfortable in the "already confined" housing space.

3) Intend to rear fish? and if Yes, what type of fish?

If keeping fish, need to note fish waste and also the water chemical level. Type of fish as in big jumpy fish would require a higher level of surrounding bricks/ stones and also a deeper tank.
Point to note though, fast growing fish would eventually outsize the tank.

4) Intend to have aquatic plant or just have plants surrounding the water feature?

This is pretty self explanatory, choose plants that would fit the overall look of the water feature.

5) Want to hear water sounds when you are a few metres away from the water feature or just ok with just having the water feature running silently?

This is very much dependent on the spout of the water feature. Trust me it is very therapeutic to hear the "music of water"

6) Safety- any children around who would accidentally be drowned in it?

Though pretty safe, but the older folks would advise getting a water feature if you have young children around less they play with the water. Well, higher stones/ bricks and a not so deep water tank should help here.

7) What materials or how would you roughly want your water feature to look like?

There are bamboos, lava stones, glass material amongst others, water features. Do research and run to a few places with actual sets of water feature displayed to have a good feel of what you want.

8) Potential mosquito breeding ground.

Some people say running water so no problem with mosquito, but then if you want to play conservative and safe here, can add chlorine, bleach and even baby bottle sterilising tablets. You can also keep some fishes here.

9) The water pump

The pump is of various types, from those with a bio filter to the more ordinary ones that just pump water. Of course, the price difference is great too. If you are keeping fish and don't intend to change water so quickly, can try a bio filter. Advise though, if newbie and just want to see how things go, go for the ordinary ones.

Other Tips..
10) Go around a few shops and see the actual set on display

11) There is no problem with buying the stones/ bricks/ walls from one shop and buying the water tank, pump, and so on from another. What is more important is making sure your water tank and the stones/ bricks (as they surround the tank) can fit nicely.

12) Some bricks change colour on touching water and after prolong usage

13) Some off the shelf water features can be constructed yourself at even less than half the price if you decide to go DIY.

14) a good control valve to regulate the flow of water.

For those, who think too much a hassle but still want some water thing in the house, consider the following:-
1) fish tank;
2) table top water fountains;
3) a pond;
4) water wall curtain

Oh well, got to go...listen to the sound of water...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Your Online Reputation, Does it matter?

Well more often than not, we would say YES!

If you say NO!, then ask yourself this, does it matter if someone you know puts up a page blasting you of everything that you have not done online?

How about having all your dirty laundry published on the web?

Found this article (How to Defend Your Online Reputation: Five Tips) on

The 5 Tips:-

1) Goggle Yourself and see if there is anything out there that can lead you to sue them (pun intended). Goggle is a reputation engine besides just being a search engine

2) Comb the web like a carpet for pages on the web that even Goggle cannot access eg. Facebook pages. What then should we do to comb these pages?

3) Opt out early and often- reduce your online exposure through junk mail and the like.

4) Do your own background check that people can easily retrieved from the web.

5) Defend your reputation when all else fails and that mosquito falls through the net of four above.

Interesting article, go read it!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Bought a PSP about a month ago, when I was on leave and moving house.

Was debating internally whether to get a NDS or a PSP for a while after my kids had a several go"s" on PSP during a family gathering.

NDS: small screen, not so attractive graphics, game and watch type, easier to play "ahem and/or homebrew" games and cheaper price, warranty.

PSP: nicer graphics, larger screen, warranty gone once modified to play "ahem/ homebrew" games, better sounds, easier to go wifi, MORE expensive.

After doing extensive "research!" and asking of prices around and coupled with finding a good deal on a PSP, decided to get one.

That's how I BECOME the proud owner of a black PSP with 4gb mem card and 10 games thrown in. Proud lah, because I think so long long time did not buy any stuff for myself to play with already!

So far, playing FIFA 2008 while Mrs and kids playing Spongebob Square Pants and Brave World Traveller.

Seems like haven't played my computer games for a while....but the thing about me is I still prefer the older generation computer games as compared to the now better graphics, sounds, storyline stuff.

Maybe I getting old. (self talk again)

Games are my way of relaxing and unwinding...

Oh anyway, history, info and specs of PSP can be found here

Virtual E Business: $1197 in Just 1 One Sale!!!

Are you into ebusiness?

I am. I have explored with various ways of making money through the Internet and of course have been scammed too several times! All part of the learning lesson, I guess.
Nonetheless I am still into it and still very interested in online marketing, online sales, online businesses. (must supplement my miserable income mah!)

The below is one of several items I would be letting go at a remarkably low price. Not that these are no more useful to me or anything, but it is because I have the resale rights to these stuff. In addition, if the item is not good or have not prove useful for me, then I would also not sell them here. (sia suay mah!!!)

Oh, I don't promise you the world, as there is no such thing as free lunch and no effort, but with this, you have another perspective and another chance/ opportunity...

Interested please let me know...

Title: Virtual eBiz
Format: eBook
Price: $10 SGD
Delivery Mechanism: Email
Payment mode: Bank Transfer

Earn $72,506.42 a year without any product.

It's amazing! These days everyone wants their own online business, everyone wants to be a millionaire or earn a six figure income right out of their own homes. Does this feel familiar? Are you chasing the dream, getting involved in one get rich quick scam after another, "downlines" or "up-lines".

How would you like...No Office - No Phones - No Staff - No Business Meetings - No Forms To Fill Out - Just Cold Hard Cash In The Mail Everyday?

That's exactly what less than 1% of affiliates are doing online to make a comfortable six figure income, right out of their own homes, without ever having to worry about developing new products, taking on a merchant account, taking orders, processing deliveries or customer service.

And, If you study how they do this here's what you'll discover.

They all have their own web sites.
They all offer valuable content for their visitors.
They all build their own "list" right off their website.
They all run their own newsletters to stay in touch and make new offers.

You can be like them too, churning the money without sweat though not without some work.

For more details, drop me a email or leave a comment.

President Steps in !

[Picture Courtesy of Reuters]


WHEN South Korea's police reacted slowly to the brutal assault of a 10-year-old girl, the country's top leader stepped in.

Not only did President Lee Myung-bak take time off his duties to go to the police station, he also rebuked them in person, an almost unheard of rap on the knuckles.
'Use your common sense,' Mr Lee told the police, reported Joong Ang Daily.
'Handling a case involving a young girl as a misdemeanour assault is nothing more than an effort to close it without making any effort.'

The provincial police chief, Mr Kim Do-sik, issued a public apology on Monday in a hastily called news conference and about 170 police officers were later assigned to the case.
A 41-year-old suspect was nabbed in a sauna in southern Seoul that same evening. He is a rapist who was released from prison two years ago after being convicted of repeat
offences, police said.

He allegedly punched and kicked a third-grade girl last Wednesday, and tried to drag her out of the lift of her apartment building. He reportedly fled only when a neighbour arrived. Although the girl's father reported the case 10 minutes later, the local police branch only informed higher authorities the next day. Although witnesses and the surveillance footage showed the man was holding a weapon, the initial police report left out that information, police said.

The case was initially categorised as misbehaviour towards a child by a drunken man.

Police also obtained a fingerprint believed to belong to the suspect, but waited two days to send the evidence to the crime lab. They didn't get a positive identification, so they told the girl's parents there was nothing they could do. Five days after the incident and with little progress made in the investigation, the girl's parents and neighbours distributed fliers with the suspect's image, as captured by the surveillance camera. They also informed the local TV network, which first reported the alleged police blunders on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


These days, it seems like more and more Singaporeans are being cheated. Be it a phone, lottery winning scam or a "kidnap" scam. Almost every other day, through forums and papers, I would hear of someone being cheated or nicely put it, SCAMM-ed!

Oh well, what seems to be too good to be true would likely not be true.

Imagine, scams involving allegations of phone calls by Police, the Courts and other government agencies to people and asking them to deposit money into specific bank accounts to resolve "police" cases, etc. Grief! Any person with a good tint of common sense would know that this is not the way, government agencies work. Come to think of it, if they work like that, won't that be corruption?!!!!

As the Police says...

Cheating scams may take different forms but these scams are all designed to cheat victims into parting with their money. When in doubt, the public is advised to verify the caller's identity with the agency or organisation the caller claims to be from, even if the caller ID appears to belong to the agency or organisation. Members of the public are advised to remain calm and call the Police immediately if they are approached in a similar manner.

Either scammers are more clever now, or people are getting a little complacent!