Friday, October 12, 2007

My House

I have a house that I hold dear to.
For 2 years, I develop how I want the house to be, planned the furniture, submit to landlord, the land developer and the authorities to approve and even planned and got a name change for my house!

There were also several small to medium wars that I have to fight when the authorities and neighbours disapproved to my concept of keeping things simple and yet a little controversial.
Eventually when the renovation works ended and was time to put in the soul of the place, THE SOUL purchaser tells me that there are not enough souls to be given to me. It is then a big struggle to push and shove and beg for all the souls to come in on time.

Time passed very quickly, a couple of years down the road, my landlord suddenly suggested to put in a different strain of souls, WHICH I have declined since conception stage and that on which my house was built.

A change of my house concept so that the landlord can collect more rent? I am really speechless and really wanted to say go fly a kite as with the additional strain of souls, my house would no more be a house that is different and focused.

Really go fly a kite!!!!


QQ*librarian said...

Hello Tiny Digit

Sorry for being dense, is this a metaphor that stands for something else? This sure is a strange house you are talking about. :-)

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