Tuesday, September 4, 2007


to the concerned parties as to why I haven't been updating my blog...I was terribly busy for the month of Aug with looking for new place to stay in, selling off old place, going for reservist training and catching up on mails.

Yes. plan to sell off my exisiting place and get a new place to stay in to take advantage of the current property prices. Also intend to save some money so that when the time comes, wife can quit job:)

reservist was for 1 week, during which was fun, exciting, dangerous and very very wet. As some of you would know, I do night ops out at sea and during the 1 week at sea, rained almost every day, and with my ill equipped vessel (no radar, etc unlike our modern Navy vessels), almost colldied with another vessel, so almost dropped into sea in the pitch black darkness. Raining and that doesn't help visibility at all. We depend on "light sticks"

oh. I like cycling not in indoor stadiums or any stadiums for that matter, I like the ... :)

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