Monday, September 24, 2007

Cars and more Cars

1 apple - 1 apple = no apples
1 apple + 2 apple - 2 apple = 1 apple
1 apple - 2 apple = -1 apple (theoretically)

There once was a time when COE was supposed to curb car growth, saying Singapore only has xx km of roads and if not curbed, would have massive traffic jams.

There once was a time when Area Licensing Scheme (ALS) was in place and our friendly police women would be standing at the gantry with her eagle eyes looking for 4 people in a car and the ALS decal. Any car entering the restricted zones during the restricted hours with any of the above, you are liable for a good fine. The cost for the decal: $60 per month or single day entry is $2 only.

Now, with COE and ERP in place, I take a train to work from Jurong, takes about the same time as I take a cab (not withstanding the cab provides me with more time to sleep in real air con comfort) AND almost 152 times the price. Often I think the comfort I get from the cab costs me $20.56 each trip.

It would have been much cheaper if not for the $2 peak hour, ERP charges (2 gantries) and the slow moving traffic on the AYE.

I don't see less cars, less congested roads, less accidents and less temper on the roads.

No doubt since COE, I see more roads, more highways, more tunnels but I also see MORE accidents, more cars, more congestions and more tempers on the roads. I also see my pocket getting lighter from using the car, taking a cab and so on.

If I allow 100 COEs to be issued, and I only scrapped 50 cars, whats the balance I have? 150 cars on the roads! COE as was proclaimed is based on market supply and demand, what who says, cannot determine minimum price from which the bidding wars is to start? Also, if the number of cars to be scrapped are always more than the number of COEs to be issued, according to market rules, you think the prices of COE won't go up? This was never about satisfying the individual pursuit of a car, at least not when COE comes in the picture.

ERP seems redundant isn't it?

ERP to me is making people leave the house earlier (deprive sleep so potential productivity affected), come home later (this one, I really don't understand, go to work, pay ERP ok! I understand, people go home also charge ERP?).

Stretch it a little, I think ERP causes birth rates to fall too...

maybe thats the trick....higher per capita income for all Singaporeans statistically !!! The revenue from the ERP would definitely contribute a large chunk of this! No say I no say, cannot don't like ERP ok, since make us global on higher per capita income.

Think about it, say 50cents (cheap cheap) per car, highway got 4 lanes and jam packed. each second, 4 cars passes on all the 4 lanes =$2.00. Multiply this by 1 hour, you get $7,200. Say 4 hours of operation, ie. $28,800. 30 days, we get $864,000 and finally 1 year we have $10,368,000. Not forgetting, this is only 1 gantry, 4 hours of operation and the cheap cheap 50 cents per passing only.

Imagine the sums when we have so many gantries, som many hours of operation and so many tiers of charges (definitely more than 50 cents!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Was reading an article over the weekend on blogs (aka. new media).
Now there is new media and old media (some people call it old media or mainstream media), the question I always ask is what is old and what is new?

Some say new media is via web, others say new media has got to do with publishing without editorial control (in the traditional sense), others say the key difference lie in the right of the poster/ publisher to say what he or she want to say via the web/ or non web.

I always find it very amazing that people can and will be complicated. Perhaps, one may say I no have thinking skills, not analytical enough, blah blah.

All media are the same, as ultimately, all want to reach out to someone to read (else why bother put on the web), publish in some printable format (eg. newspapers, magazines, etc) and each also want to inform someone of some thing (to educate, is a higher level of informing lah!). SO!

all forms of media essentially are the same.

It is ultimately, how much control is built into verifying sources, correcting sources and also limiting how people choose to respond to the information.

Eg. newspapers can choose not to carry replies, but with the web, newspapers can choose not to reply but I can still publish my reply anyway and yet at the same time, reach a (possibly wider audience).

On audience reach, both print and non print have essentially the capacity to reach a wide audience. Essentially?

People can go to blogs and leave straight away without reading, similarly, people can choose not to buy newspapers and magazines. People can also choose what they want to read in printed forms just as it applies to blogs and Internet forums.

The key difference is this, one can respond and see their response printed immediately (if web publisher chooses not to control this "comment" or right to reply, while newspapers/ magazines can choose indefinitely not to publish at all.

So! this debate as to which is better, reliable or whatsoever, depends very much on what you want to get out of where ones chooses to publish.

If one is for the thing about telling others about their personal expressions towards things, right to publish- it is web for them anytime. In any case, who says the printed media don't sensationalise things anyway, or for that matter play down things that are essentially in the heart of people for both political or non political reasons?

Balance! For that matter of fact, I don't read the Straits Times very much.

To illustrate this balance further, I don't take my meals with only salt, but rather I add all the other taste peppering ingredients (eg. vinegar, sugar, etc) as well- that way I get a variety of taste. Oh. I like my chickens naturally flavoured too, that is without any prior seasoning, that way, I get to taste the good natural chicken taste.

Life is very much extended in the way we eat.

Now think about it, there are GM food (would I call that the new food)?

I would, but still food after all....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


to the concerned parties as to why I haven't been updating my blog...I was terribly busy for the month of Aug with looking for new place to stay in, selling off old place, going for reservist training and catching up on mails.

Yes. plan to sell off my exisiting place and get a new place to stay in to take advantage of the current property prices. Also intend to save some money so that when the time comes, wife can quit job:)

reservist was for 1 week, during which was fun, exciting, dangerous and very very wet. As some of you would know, I do night ops out at sea and during the 1 week at sea, rained almost every day, and with my ill equipped vessel (no radar, etc unlike our modern Navy vessels), almost colldied with another vessel, so almost dropped into sea in the pitch black darkness. Raining and that doesn't help visibility at all. We depend on "light sticks"

oh. I like cycling not in indoor stadiums or any stadiums for that matter, I like the ... :)