Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life Reordering

Have not posted any entries here for a long time (seem long anyway..) as too many distractions from penning my thoughts and also getting my life back in sync with thoughts.

So every often, thoughts and actions don't match. sigh.

These days conversations with friends would lead to karma, religion, life and also retribution besides the normal social and political topics. It is as if suddenly we all become enlightened and became professors of all these topics.

Just heard over radio, that SMRT is considering increasing fares again to the tune of not more than 1.8%, wonder if all these fare and price increase give rise to all these sudden enlightenment.

Was at the Speak Good English Movement yesterday, was pretty impressed by the speech of the GOH, MOS Lui Tuck Yew. Was also impressed by his choosing of the words from a Song by John Lennon for use in the launch mechanism. Looking at it from a objective view, the words pennned during the Cold War is still so much relevant today.

Sometimes the wall can be a physical one or psychological one, other times a political and social one.