Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I tell you... You can do more...

Performance evaluation exercises are conducted in every (most) organisation, and very often, staff get to meet their supervisors formally in a setting to discuss performance at least three times a year (at least for my organisation).

Very often than not (myself included) I hear, supervisors saying "you show lots of potential, and you can do more (period)." or so and so can definitely do more and take on more responsibilities.

Question is, how do you know I have so much more potential to do more? Perhaps I am already at saturation point. Can you name me some examples that you think I can do more in that given situation? It is also strange to only tell the job holder at the peformance exercise that he or she can do more, too late right? On second thoughts, maybe they planning to do a schedule for you to do job performance peak the following year.

this is machiam like saying

"le ai sai lah, can do, can do...but you not doing leh, why?"

then I ask......"do what huh?"