Friday, June 8, 2007

Thinking Public Servants

Came across this posting at Sammyboy's coffeeshop.

The one who posted the above said that the below statements triggered a thinking process on whether Public Employees are thinking and their role in society.

The statements are:
1. A friend said to me, "Wow, you are very anti-establishment". It was in response to the post where I shouldn't have blogged about (or so the title went).
2. I also shared the same post with folks in Gahmen Bloggers (GB). One of the GBers suggested I start a blog called "RebellingLibrarian".
3. Another GBer wrote, as part of the discussion, that unlike the academics, public servants aren't academics so we're not paid to think or say otherwise (to policies, I presume).
4. As part of an interview for an upcoming article (the magazine shall remain unnamed), I was asked how a public service employee was to tell if what he/she blogs about is sensitive information.

Goes on further to talk about what he can or cannot about.
Lastly, using an analogy of being ordered to carry our execution of a Prisoner, knowing that it defies the Geneva Convention, whether should do or not do.

I find this an interesting post, as sometimes my view does not agree to with what the organisation does and/or what the government say or do, and I do wonder whether if I should blog or post.

WELL. If you notice, I do not blog about work stuff in specifics, I blog in general and with a conscience to the impact that should anyone read, the implications on me and the reader.
(like I write so power like that!).

I blog also on topics that are in the public domain, those not in public domain, nah nah, no thanks. I not newspaper gunning for ratings, so need not have exclusives all the time!

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Ivan Chew said...

Heh, the link seems to be gone. Anyway, you can link direct to that post you were referring to. I don't mind being identified. If I dare say it, then I have to answer for it :)