Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reducing WASTE through less packaging and Cost of Living

Over 500 industry partners (companies from five industries) will cut down on the amount of packaging waste produced as part of a new initiative by National Environment Agency to reduce waste/ wastage.
Looks like a good move in the sense that with high wastage then indirectly the high cost of , which is also not helped by increasing freight and logistic costs. As mentioned in the article, it was also hoped that more eco-friendly types of packaging, that can be more easily recycled, would come about as a result of this initiative. Have to mention that this is a voluntary scheme.
Hopefully this will lead to cost savings which then translates into savings (after the GST Hike!!!!)for the consumer.
Now, everything also expensive- all increase 2% then in the end, consumer buy many many 2 percent at the least.
Just hope that at the end of 1 year, I see more elderly getting more benefits through the hike and that these elderly can now afford to choose what and where to eat their 3 meals.

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