Friday, June 29, 2007

The Family of Geeks

A poem I came out with, putting myself in the shoes of a Geek

I am a Geek, a known geek
Like many of my fellow geeks, I have a wife
My wife is a TV geek
TV reigns supreme and computers come in second
I am a Geek, a known geek

I am a Geek, a known geek
my computer and her TV doesn't make the best of friends
but they get by, cos' they sit at different places
I sure hope my wife and I don't end up like them, siting in different places all through the day
I am a Geek, a known geek

I am a Geek, a known geek
my wife and I stood in front of the altar many years ago, now
didn't know but sure do feel like it was the computer and the TV that exchanged vows then
I am a Geek, a known geek

I am a Geek, a known geek
I tried talking, but got scolding.
now, I have a son, called music.
I am a Geek, a known geek

I am a Geek, a known geek
life sure is strange, but then love hurts,
when denial takes place and no actions are forthcoming. love hurts
I am a Geek, a known geek

I am a Geek, a known geek

Friday, June 22, 2007

There once was a time....

There once was a time when retirement age was 55.

Now we are looking at 62 or even 65.

CPF or Retirment Funds for many is not going to be within the reach of the retired, at least not immediately.

First, minimum sum goes up, then now withdrawal age also goes up. "Zap" "Zap" !!

I must be so dense as I completely fail to understand and appreciate that CPF is actually pension in the above article. CPF is pension meh?

and to rub insult to our being bullied into accepting this, is the fact that sometime back , a key Japanese minister resigned after admitting he failed to pay into the national pension scheme.

Also KEY to raising withdrawal age, is also the ability of all our Seniors to be employed, that isn't too easy leh!

Else they eat what? Hong is it? Lau liao, bor kang zuo, bor lui, jiak hong!

Remember this. Pension is State Funding for the old. CPF is our money!!!!

I thought it is bad enough to have a minimum sum that keeps going up and can only take out 50% of whats balance fom minimum sum at withdrawal age.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Thinking Public Servants

Came across this posting at Sammyboy's coffeeshop.

The one who posted the above said that the below statements triggered a thinking process on whether Public Employees are thinking and their role in society.

The statements are:
1. A friend said to me, "Wow, you are very anti-establishment". It was in response to the post where I shouldn't have blogged about (or so the title went).
2. I also shared the same post with folks in Gahmen Bloggers (GB). One of the GBers suggested I start a blog called "RebellingLibrarian".
3. Another GBer wrote, as part of the discussion, that unlike the academics, public servants aren't academics so we're not paid to think or say otherwise (to policies, I presume).
4. As part of an interview for an upcoming article (the magazine shall remain unnamed), I was asked how a public service employee was to tell if what he/she blogs about is sensitive information.

Goes on further to talk about what he can or cannot about.
Lastly, using an analogy of being ordered to carry our execution of a Prisoner, knowing that it defies the Geneva Convention, whether should do or not do.

I find this an interesting post, as sometimes my view does not agree to with what the organisation does and/or what the government say or do, and I do wonder whether if I should blog or post.

WELL. If you notice, I do not blog about work stuff in specifics, I blog in general and with a conscience to the impact that should anyone read, the implications on me and the reader.
(like I write so power like that!).

I blog also on topics that are in the public domain, those not in public domain, nah nah, no thanks. I not newspaper gunning for ratings, so need not have exclusives all the time!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reducing WASTE through less packaging and Cost of Living

Over 500 industry partners (companies from five industries) will cut down on the amount of packaging waste produced as part of a new initiative by National Environment Agency to reduce waste/ wastage.
Looks like a good move in the sense that with high wastage then indirectly the high cost of , which is also not helped by increasing freight and logistic costs. As mentioned in the article, it was also hoped that more eco-friendly types of packaging, that can be more easily recycled, would come about as a result of this initiative. Have to mention that this is a voluntary scheme.
Hopefully this will lead to cost savings which then translates into savings (after the GST Hike!!!!)for the consumer.
Now, everything also expensive- all increase 2% then in the end, consumer buy many many 2 percent at the least.
Just hope that at the end of 1 year, I see more elderly getting more benefits through the hike and that these elderly can now afford to choose what and where to eat their 3 meals.