Sunday, May 20, 2007

War Hero Lim Bo Seng is a MG not a Major! Don't demote him

Recently, someone wrote to the press to comment about the INACCURATE information on the storyboard erected near the Lim Bo Seng Memorial.

The story board reads: 'The memorial was built in 1954 in memory of Major Lim Bo Seng who led Force 136, an anti-Japanese resistance movement.'

The reply from NHB was: "When war hero Lim Bo Seng led Force 136, he was then a major in rank. It was only posthumously that he was accorded the rank of major-general by the nationalist government in China in 1946. Seen in this context, the statement is factually accurate"

It is a practice that we addressed a person based on their final rank unless we are addressing specific instances when he was holding a lower rank. Once a person is given a posthumous promotion, all references to him/her anywhere, be they on memorial boards, simi boards, etc are scribed with the last rank that he/she holds.

If the above reply from NHB holds true, then many of our posthumously promoted people from the Army and Police , would also be demoted when we talk about their achievements and all. People who are still living and carry the title of BG, Col, MG, etc should also not carry them, as they refer to only specific instances and not applicable to their current living instance.


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Ivan Chew said...

I feel it's just a technicality. I would remember Lim Bo Seng for two words -- "Steadfastness" and "Courage". Rank doesn't make a difference, and it's not about lack of respect. It's the man I respect; not the rank per se.