Sunday, May 20, 2007

Skill Set

Increasingly I feel that as a librarian, our skill set make us pretty difficult to seek greener pasture elsewhere. In a way, to say that our skill set is narrow also don't seems like it, but then our relevant or how applicable is our set of skills "pounced" upon by people in the various industries outside.

Also not helped when everyone and anyone think they also know how to search for things.

Adding value- think we all should have learnt that after some years of working if the earlier years didn't help.

hmm....if people continue to become lazy and/or continue to seek cost reduction as people see that as non core to their organisation, then maybe our "librarian industry" would do well....but then hor got profssional research organisation loh...

sigh. dark days? I also not sure... but now not so bright least thats what I think.


Ivan Chew said...

That's only true if we limit the librarian's skills to only "searching for information". It's a lot wider than that. Librarians engage in activities that are comparable to event organisers, marketing, communications, project management, teaching. If we aren't involved in those areas, then maybe we're unnecessarily restricting ourselves.

Anonymous said...

well lots of people also do the things you mention as in becoming like event organisers, marketing, communications, project management, teaching. It is all part and parcel of being in the workforce these days. When the crunch comes to crunch, what should set us apart should be our info literacy, searching and to go further interpreting of the information that would set librarians apart from the rest.