Monday, May 14, 2007

Seemingly No Title!

Well, I have no title for this post, not that I don't have but seemingly not appropriate one.

OK, many days no come here to "refresh" this blog liao, so here I am.

People asked, where me go, and so here I say...

children sick one after another, and when recovered, another round of all 3 of them going sick happen again. now that took 2 weeks for 3 kids 2 times fever, cough and running nose altogether.

then after that, me sick!!! high fever and see doctor. best part, see doctor, colleague tell me must attend meeting no matter what, as she would attend if she "is" me too. you know hor, that moment! I want to say, knn! That weekend, I so pissed, me no reply and pick up handphone for the entire weekend, seems like such achievement hor!

Anyway, me along have this fever on and off for 2 weeks plus liao, guess the "flashpoint" was the kids and so me kenna triggered with the high fever. Just as well, me ok now.

Now! drum roll... I want to ....

announce my roll of thanks to the following people for having showed me much concern over me and my kids illness... now.... thank you all!

Ok. now talk about other things.

Today I heard about this Hwa Chong Institution boy who "hood-ed" a bus captain (bus driver lah) , who had retained the boy's girlfriend's Ezylink Card (OR my generation call the "bus card"). After that damn drama, the boy brought the kid to the bus interchange and the FATHER kneeled to beg for forgivenesss!

So I kapoh kapoh go find out more from newpapers and all lah.

You know, I very admire this FATHER! His love for the kid goes many wonders and the father knows this is already a criminal offence and the type that can go to jail one! So Father go begging for forgiveness!. I don't want to say father's action right or not right or whether this boy so pampered to such aggravation that his violent hormones all want to pick a fight.

I can only say hor, in my "kee-na" days. if I do something like that, me would be whacked either by 1) the bus captain, 2) the people around me when I do something like that or 3) my father will whack me first, then go to the bus interchange and say " Send this boy to jail, punish him hard hard!"

Guess those kind of teaching do me alright as I can say I quite lah, law abiding citizen and who would at least give up me seat and space to more deserving unfortunate people.

Bus Captain punched for doing HIS job!!!!

What is the world coming to?

And you know what? after that the young man still can say misunderstanding!!!

Guess HE THE ONLY one who misunderstood, as everyone else's story is very coherent...

This incident requires the Bus Company to take a heavy handed approach and pursue all avenues of justice! This one if let go easily, sure got many other places, got dominino effect one!
here punch and there punch everyone who is doing their job, as long as they are not civil servants (so lesser offence!).


No joke! should send this chap to be tied on a tree and "hood" him hard hard by all bus captains in Singapore, for insulting their profession.

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