Monday, May 28, 2007

The Endangered Singaporean!!! (The Malaysian Paper's Perspective)

Strained by fast-paced growth

I extracted the below
" People are feeling the pinch of insufficient hospital beds and doctors, delayed buses and cramped trains, which runs counter to the city’s traditional image of efficiency.
Some public services are facing stresses in the wake of a 60% surge in the population in the past 16 years. "

> Hospitals. A serious shortage of beds led to a decision to build two more hospitals. This followed complaints about sick patients having to wait months before they got a specialist appointment or a bed.

> Public transport. More cases of late buses or overcrowded trains at peak periods. The bus company responded by setting up a website to inform passengers how long they would have to wait for their next bus.

> Energy. The government reported it was seeking alternative energy sources and amended the Gas Act to guarantee all players open access to the gas pipeline network here.

> Imported sand. A 300-foot barge arrived with 7,000 tonnes of sand from Cambodia, to replace banned imports from Indonesia.

Honestly hor!, I also find Singapore many many people, go anyway and everywhere also many people. I always wonder how Singapore going to squeeze in more and more people by the millions. Also if Singaporeans don't pro create and the Govt. gives out more citizenship, PR, then Singapore gonna change name to become Talented-pore ?
OR we have name change every couple of years depending on which country citizens have the most proportion of residents here...
Think I should also look at migration to Malaysia least good to be in a country on the upwards trend then to be somewhere where the growth has plateau-ed.

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