Thursday, April 5, 2007

WE know who you are...WE know what you did last weekend...

whether you ordered pirated copies of DVDs and CDs of movies and soundtracks...that is.

S'pore students first to receive anti-piracy brochures

I draw your attention to:-

A recent raid in Malaysia raked in more than one million illegal copies.

"They found computers and databases of customers from all over the world and I'm afraid to say that a lot of those customers are here in Singapore. The gangs that are involved in this are organised crime groups, unquestionably organised crime groups," says Michael Ellis, Senior VP & Regional Director (Asia Pacific), Motion Picture Association – International.

"And Singapore customers who are dialling or emailing their orders to Malaysia and asking for the products to be delivered here are involved and supporting organised crime. And I have to tell you, we know who you are and we're providing that information to the authorities in Singapore. If you think that by buying one disc or one pirated DVD, you're not involved in this, it doesn't affect you, you're wrong, it does," says Mr Ellis.

hey! no play play ok. ORGANISED CRIME OK! You know mafia, Secret Societies, 369, Hong Hung? Respect. Organised Crime ok!!!!

Police: I got information you called "So true Company" in Malaysia to order 10 discs and have them delivered to your place.
Commoner: No lah, I only called this guy named Peter on his phone leh, to bring me 10 discs.

Police: Peter is from where?
Commoner: dun know leh, he said he from "So false Company" that deals with video movies and stuff, say cheap cheap and fast fast can deliver to me.

Police: Peter from where, we would check, but your phone record and our raids revealled that you a regular of "So true" and ordered many things loh. You also on their loyalty programme tio or not?"
Commoner: Good deal mah, buy 10 get 3 free, buy 3 get 1 free. Singapore cannot find deals like that one, somemore hor, delivery FREE leh, piang offer like that must cheong mah!

Police: You would be charged with supporting organised crime in both Singapore and Malaysia, everything you say or don't say would be sued against you in the court of law. We shall now begin our kopi drinking...


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