Monday, April 2, 2007

Understand meh? Inside coffeeshops, like many don't leh!

I must have been so blur to not realise that coffeeshops are not patronised by workers ...

Workers understand need for civil service, ministerial pay review: NTUC Chief

I must be missing something here as if workers understand then:-
1) most people objecting the pay review are either not workers and are students, self made bosses and/or politicians!


I quote:-
" Mr Lim says unionists have continued to reach out to the ground to explain the issue, that having the right talent in government, could help strengthen tripartism. Mr Lim said, "I think looking ahead into the future as workers as union leaders, we are fully aware of the kind of competition that we will be facing in the future. So in other words we have to run very fast and running very fast means that we must have leaders both in the government, in the civil service, in the business community as well as in the labour movement. So from that regard, I would say that progressively more and more union leaders and workers will accept and realise that actually it is to the interest of the workers, to the interest of the labour movement to ensure that the government will do whatever necessary to attract the fair share of talent. "

Leaders both in the govt (and civil service) and business community? I scratched my head and think this means more MPs, and govt appointed people holding directorship in both private and public companies.

Like that if assuming this person is all out for the companies that he is in to make money, then mana have time to jaga the country? MPs holding many directorship cna take care of constituency meh? If not executive ones and yet still get director pay, then this company really is..... (censored).

Again I quote..

"Basically we hope the government will succeed in attracting Singaporeans, not only people with a good knowledge in their head but more importantly, a strong passion in their heart, because what we need is political leaders as well as civil servants, people who really care about the ground, who understand their anxiety, who understand their aspiration. "

This one really the champion statement! You know, I ALSO care and I also anxious for your well being and I seek to understand your aspiration too, think can spare me some of the increment? I would care more and be more anxious for you, fi you do...

You can call me "lui bin" or money faced but isn't that so true for the above statement?

Money to retain and buy passion and a sense of care for the people?

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