Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SMiled in Shock !?

Singapore swimmers in hot water

I find it very difficult to believe that the above boys are not mocking at their US competitors.


Do you smile in shock???

The saying is that there would be investigation, I wonder how to..

Investigator: why did you smile?
The boys: I shocked that my friends were disqualified, so I smiled.

Investigator: You mean, shocked until smile?
The boys: Yeah, cannot control. sorry but it really did happen. I won't smile if not shocked plus they are my friends mah

Investigator:oh. ok. so why were you shocked?
The boys: because they the best of the best and they are our friends

Investigator: so why you were shocked since both are you ar also sportsman and know even the best can make mistakes? Our sources tell us that you pointed at the time board and then smiled. Did you smile when the US folks touched the finishing line?

The boys: no. didn't smile, maybe I did....cannot remember lah. It's all a BIG mistake and misunderstanding lah. We smiled because we were shocked and not unhappy that US was disqualified.

Investigator: That I understand, this shocking business and the report should also should ask you boys first before going to print them. Oh. btw. I am here to do an investigation....

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