Thursday, April 12, 2007

Public versus Private

You know what is PUBLIC sector and what is PRIVATE sector or not??

S'pore governed by extraordinary men willing to make sacrifices: MP

Financial sacrifice in public service needed

I quote from the above 2 articles from MP Irene Ng and PM Lee

Singapore is governed by extraordinary men willing to make personal sacrifices

They cannot expect wages comparable to the private sector because public service is selfless and requires one to make sacrifices

The traits that separate a leader from the crowd are his ability to care, improve people's lives, and the motivation to serve others while not enriching himself.

Still, Mr Lee feels that a leader's pay must not be too far from what someone with similar ability is paid.

I really speechless "sacrifice, extradordinary men, ability to care" ....enough said!

"CARE" is not a NATO word, need action one.

I can CARE for you too, if you give me x dollar, but if you take away x dollar and I still CARE for you, then it is different level of CARE already.

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