Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our standards really very different.

I have never had a bonus of more than 2 months, granted my responsbilities are so much lesser than the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

However, reading CNA make me really boil.

Disclosing details of their latest performance bonuses, he noted that only two out of the 21 ministers and senior ministers of state received between eight and 10 months' bonus last year. Another 11 got between 5.5 and seven months' bonus, while eight others got five months' bonus or less. Mr Lee himself got a fixed bonus of five months last year.

Piang! ONLY 2 got 8-10 months, cheap cheap give you their 1 month is 10k, 8-10 months is 80k -100k, 5.5 months is 55 k.

My eyes must be seeing numbers.

Sometimes I wonder, leaders supposed to take care of the ka kia right? How come I get less than 2 and they get so many months huh?

Warning how easy it was for any leader to fall prey to corruption because he was not properly paid, Mr Lee cited the recent tender exercise for the two Integrated Resort projects, worth more than $10 billion in total. "How much would it have cost to adjust half a mark and half a point there, to come up with different outcomes?" he said.

As he says it is PROPERLY PAID, not ridiculously paid!!!!

Many rich folks also get into trouble with the law because of money. Greed no matter how well disguise it is, knows no end.

Yeah man, I, the ground people work with passion, so that others enjoy the passion and the many money that comes with the job.

really shit

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