Friday, April 13, 2007

Not a link, but a comparsion.

Interesting comment made by a Minister.

Isn't money mutually exclusive as in I give you a dollar from this pool, so I can't give this same dollar I give you to another person.

"Ministers' pay revisions and increased aid for the poor are two separate matters which have "no logical linkage", he said on the sidelines of the official opening of the Singapore Girls' Home's new premises yesterday"

2 seperate matters but from 1 common pool of money! ok!

"Money is not the issue. The issue is outreach, the issue is coming up with innovative schemes and making sure we do the right thing and making sure that help reaches the right people. So, that's what I want to focus on and I want to get people to go beyond just dollars and cents,"

Dr Balakrishnan argued. "Are people all alone, abandoned? If there are people who are short of food, why haven't the schemes — all the help schemes that we have — reached those people?"

Yeah right! try telling that to people who live hand to mouth, try telling that to the so called middle income people, who are neither here nor there that money no issue

(Maybe Jack Neo can do another movie, I think good title too, Money no Issue)

If I may call you bro, I would say this

"Bro, it is your job to think how to reach these people, not mine. I tell you that there are all these people who need this and that, and you come back and ask me how to reach them. I don't run CIA and FBI also can tell you for starters, look at your very efficient grassroots to reach them. If they can't do it, and immediately you know whether they doing their job already lor. How come only during election, know where to find them huh, and know where to give bread, and food, and this and that! If can't reach them, then your net got holes loh, net? si mi net? "

Defence Minister and Minister-in-charge of the civil service Teo Chee Hean also touched on the debate over ministers' pay hikes at a separate event yesterday. "In the end, the important thing is to build trust, whether people see the Government is working sincerely for their interest," he said. "I believe that they have and they think that over a period of time, they will understand that such a policy is really, as the Prime Minister has said, to make sure that we continue to have a good Government not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but 10, 15 years' time … to be able to serve their children."

Honestly, hor, I only "lan lan" cannot migrate because money no enough. However, I would encourage my kids to work hard and study hard to become at least A MP in Singapore.

Do you know what is called, after becoming a MP, the person can still go out and do lots of things with the many leverages that was connected and found during his/her tensure of service.

What nonsense about hardwork and sacrifice.

When these folks, sign up for the government, they should already know what to expect and what is involved. The amount of pay and what nots should already be factored in. The amount of time needed each day should already have been considered. If they have not, and they agreed to politics and all, and eventually now say, money not good and all...then go bull the cow and the cow will bull you back man!

Didn't these people already have grassroots experience, and are suppsoed to be visionaries and good planners?

Simple thing about before getting into a job, find out more about the job and what pay, and can connect to previous job experiences or not, are all factors in accepting a job.

You mean to say, these sacrifical people didn't have such skills that our schools are teaching meh? Sacrifice? Oh Really!

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