Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New National Stadium or whatever name you call it.

The other day had a memory shot of the time when I was a Kin-na cheering for my school at the National Stadium, so fast forward and wondered how the new design for the stadium would look like.

Did a Google!

and this

and know what, I thought maybe CNA gave wrong image, that thing there look like Toilet seat leh, especially with the brown brown thingy in the middle there....

so I did a refresh, and same image came up.

piang! like that call design? Later I realised this is call "Horse Shoe" design.

So if one day, pigs and birds wear shoes, we haev that kind of design too lah? Image "birds feet" or even a "human feet" design

Retractable roof and can fill with water for water sports....wah!

but the design from the side sucks....don't even say IF I take helicopter up and look down....piang, a toilet with water....and perhaps other stuff that is brown in colour...

Think later the air space on top would be banned, because bad press.

Pilot: Why cannot fly over huh?

Air Control: sorry, cannot, if you fly over and look down, you may decide to take a leak or even bomb....

really pai-kwah!

personal opinion, worse than the least durian means something to some people as in favourite fruit, but Toilet? favourite toilet? maybe favourite public toilet.

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