Thursday, April 5, 2007

Move of Great Reluctance

I was online browsing through CNA today and read the following article
Move of Great Reluctance (By Sheralyn Tay, TODAY Posted: 04 April 2007 1224 hrs ).

I think my English must be not power enough...

" Yesterday, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan expressed surprise that the SMA's fee guide, started 20 years ago to make transparent private medical charges, should be seen by lawyers as contravening the year-old Competition Act. The good news is that his ministry is now planning to publish doctors' fees online to help patients make comparisons. "

If lawyers see fee guide as contavening Competition Act, then why MOH wants to publish doctors' fee online for people to make comparsion? SMA's is a fee guide, while MOH publishes fees online to inform people where more ex and where less, so in the long run, there is still a range of prices to choose from----not much difference from a guide tio?, just that the way is is done is different.

After reading this, gosh, check the law also so expensive!!!!

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