Saturday, April 7, 2007

Of Ministerial Pay and Bad GovtWhy S'pore women won't have to be maids

I reproduce a Forum letter published in the Straits Time...

Of Ministerial Pay and Bad GovtWhy S'pore women won't have to be maids
ST Forum7th April 2007

I refer to the recent statements to the press by Lee Kuan Yew in which he described the scenario which would happen if S'pore were to lose the PAP government leadership and be led by less capable leaders.
I particularly take offence at the suggestion that Singaporean women would have to become maids in other countries, as this puts us in a bad light.Much as I do not deny that we need to pay our ministers what they are worth, which is altogether another topic, I strongly suggest that this scenario does not paint a true picture of the S'pore I know.
I believe S'poreans are made of sterner stuff than what LKY suggested and have the courage to overcome adversity with or without the PAP.If the entire Govt were to resign for pay reasons, I'm certain many S'poreans with heart and talent would step forward to take the mantle. LKY can be assured of this.
The main reason S'poreans do not want to step into politics is the negative culture & image created by the many lawsuits as well as obstacles put in the way of opposition parties.Without a truly creative and competitive environment, the PAP will have to use other ways & means to persuade quality people to join the Government. That may be a problem created by the Government itself.
Madam Tng Kok Khim.

Power hor?!
WAH sah with or without PAP!!! bold statement to make in the press.
Nowadays people dare to speak and challenge liao. Really pai-tan for many people.
I shrug to think man exported overseas as coolies helping some countries to carry concrete, sand and marble to lay roads and build buildings...hey! come to think of it, maybe then can call ourselves foreign talent too.
What irony!

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