Monday, April 2, 2007

Good for you, and good for me too.

Bangladeshi workers in S'pore watch World Cup action for free

I am always very sceptical when I read things like this. I wonder if the nearby grocery shop that he owns, provides the Bangladeshi workers there free food and drinks too.

Well, I have to say that this is a very good business move:-
1) I set up tv here, you sit here and buy food and drinks from me ok?
2) You know I take care of you folks, so bring more friends here ok, for the period of the world cup and after that too.
3) overhear a worker say in the future "you know that xyz shop that showed us free cricket match the other time huh, the field there we meet dae, and then can buy food and beer from there somethere"
4) The basic investment of $8,500 especially the cost of the projector is definitely recoverable.

The effects of this publicity stunt has really long lasting effects.....

btw. I am just being sceptical, if the owner is of a pure heart and offered this screening in the goodness of looking after his brothers working in Singapore. I salute.

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