Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finland, Switzerland and Denmark

Strange, didn't know these three countries have mediocre governments.

No doubt they have broader base, but can afford mediocre government?
Gosh, mean to say we cannot, but they can.

Then US, UK, and practically all other countries also loh...can afford a mediocre government since all have a broader base than us both in terms of size, people and also economy.

"Does he realise that Singapore's GDP is only one-third of its external trade? Our external trade is 3 1/2 times that of our GDP, higher than Hong Kong. And if this economy ever falters, that's the end of Singapore and its First World status. Denmark, Switzerland and Finland are part of Europe. You can fail and you're still caught in the European situation. If you fail here, you go back to a Southeast Asian situation. Just look around you," said MM Lee.

I cannot fathom the gravity of such a statement. Really very serious statements made.

Southeast Asian Situation? piang!

loss of words...

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