Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Straits Times

Reported in the Straits Times that Singapore's SM Goh alerted Beijing to negative vibes from US towards China

I think the headline could be SM Goh talked to Beijing about negative vibes from US towards China. This I think is a more appropriate headline as Beijing probably already knows all these negative vibes already.

The positioning and the use of appropriate words would definitely reflect a more neutral and objective position in journalism.

Lie to a job

Lie to a job, a degree and what's nots. Moral decadence of the people....

Imagine that it took a renown bank 6 months to discover the lie, and by then damage has already been done to the bank's reputation, not to say the $$.

You know, there's a difference between oversell and lying.....

Also within the article, an opportunity to promote SHR product :)
this is what I called, selling at an appropriate platform.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Plastic Bags

Singapore is now on a go GREEN drive, every month, first wednesday, you go shopping at places like NTUC, Sheng Siong, etc, plastic bags would not be given to you automatically. Want a plastic bag, donate 10 cents.

If I donate 10 dollars, can have 100 or is it 1000 plastic bags or not?

Some say good start, others say no.

Now lets see:-

1) don't have a start, people say Sing no save trees.
2) have a start, some say why only 1 day, shoudl be more days
3) some others also say, if 1 day, then this day no go shopping, other days than go. WED is now known as ladies night and save plastic day and also no shopping day

In acutal fact, these measures already very common in many overseas countries (must benchmark mah!) and so actually no big deal lah....

conservation and preservation brings about some alternative usage of things naturally.

From 3rd World to 1ST

I don't believe I am reading this book by LKY.

Had several glances and flipped through this book many times before, suddenly want to read it after all the pay hike.

These days, everywhere else have died down on commenting on the pay hike too much already, led by our very own The Straits Times. Perhaps for the bad, as long as ST shuts up, the rest also would shut up.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Not a link, but a comparsion.

Interesting comment made by a Minister.

Isn't money mutually exclusive as in I give you a dollar from this pool, so I can't give this same dollar I give you to another person.

"Ministers' pay revisions and increased aid for the poor are two separate matters which have "no logical linkage", he said on the sidelines of the official opening of the Singapore Girls' Home's new premises yesterday"

2 seperate matters but from 1 common pool of money! ok!

"Money is not the issue. The issue is outreach, the issue is coming up with innovative schemes and making sure we do the right thing and making sure that help reaches the right people. So, that's what I want to focus on and I want to get people to go beyond just dollars and cents,"

Dr Balakrishnan argued. "Are people all alone, abandoned? If there are people who are short of food, why haven't the schemes — all the help schemes that we have — reached those people?"

Yeah right! try telling that to people who live hand to mouth, try telling that to the so called middle income people, who are neither here nor there that money no issue

(Maybe Jack Neo can do another movie, I think good title too, Money no Issue)

If I may call you bro, I would say this

"Bro, it is your job to think how to reach these people, not mine. I tell you that there are all these people who need this and that, and you come back and ask me how to reach them. I don't run CIA and FBI also can tell you for starters, look at your very efficient grassroots to reach them. If they can't do it, and immediately you know whether they doing their job already lor. How come only during election, know where to find them huh, and know where to give bread, and food, and this and that! If can't reach them, then your net got holes loh, net? si mi net? "

Defence Minister and Minister-in-charge of the civil service Teo Chee Hean also touched on the debate over ministers' pay hikes at a separate event yesterday. "In the end, the important thing is to build trust, whether people see the Government is working sincerely for their interest," he said. "I believe that they have and they think that over a period of time, they will understand that such a policy is really, as the Prime Minister has said, to make sure that we continue to have a good Government not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but 10, 15 years' time … to be able to serve their children."

Honestly, hor, I only "lan lan" cannot migrate because money no enough. However, I would encourage my kids to work hard and study hard to become at least A MP in Singapore.

Do you know what is called, after becoming a MP, the person can still go out and do lots of things with the many leverages that was connected and found during his/her tensure of service.

What nonsense about hardwork and sacrifice.

When these folks, sign up for the government, they should already know what to expect and what is involved. The amount of pay and what nots should already be factored in. The amount of time needed each day should already have been considered. If they have not, and they agreed to politics and all, and eventually now say, money not good and all...then go bull the cow and the cow will bull you back man!

Didn't these people already have grassroots experience, and are suppsoed to be visionaries and good planners?

Simple thing about before getting into a job, find out more about the job and what pay, and can connect to previous job experiences or not, are all factors in accepting a job.

You mean to say, these sacrifical people didn't have such skills that our schools are teaching meh? Sacrifice? Oh Really!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Public versus Private

You know what is PUBLIC sector and what is PRIVATE sector or not??

S'pore governed by extraordinary men willing to make sacrifices: MP

Financial sacrifice in public service needed

I quote from the above 2 articles from MP Irene Ng and PM Lee

Singapore is governed by extraordinary men willing to make personal sacrifices

They cannot expect wages comparable to the private sector because public service is selfless and requires one to make sacrifices

The traits that separate a leader from the crowd are his ability to care, improve people's lives, and the motivation to serve others while not enriching himself.

Still, Mr Lee feels that a leader's pay must not be too far from what someone with similar ability is paid.

I really speechless "sacrifice, extradordinary men, ability to care" ....enough said!

"CARE" is not a NATO word, need action one.

I can CARE for you too, if you give me x dollar, but if you take away x dollar and I still CARE for you, then it is different level of CARE already.

Our standards really very different.

I have never had a bonus of more than 2 months, granted my responsbilities are so much lesser than the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

However, reading CNA make me really boil.

Disclosing details of their latest performance bonuses, he noted that only two out of the 21 ministers and senior ministers of state received between eight and 10 months' bonus last year. Another 11 got between 5.5 and seven months' bonus, while eight others got five months' bonus or less. Mr Lee himself got a fixed bonus of five months last year.

Piang! ONLY 2 got 8-10 months, cheap cheap give you their 1 month is 10k, 8-10 months is 80k -100k, 5.5 months is 55 k.

My eyes must be seeing numbers.

Sometimes I wonder, leaders supposed to take care of the ka kia right? How come I get less than 2 and they get so many months huh?

Warning how easy it was for any leader to fall prey to corruption because he was not properly paid, Mr Lee cited the recent tender exercise for the two Integrated Resort projects, worth more than $10 billion in total. "How much would it have cost to adjust half a mark and half a point there, to come up with different outcomes?" he said.

As he says it is PROPERLY PAID, not ridiculously paid!!!!

Many rich folks also get into trouble with the law because of money. Greed no matter how well disguise it is, knows no end.

Yeah man, I, the ground people work with passion, so that others enjoy the passion and the many money that comes with the job.

really shit

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New National Stadium or whatever name you call it.

The other day had a memory shot of the time when I was a Kin-na cheering for my school at the National Stadium, so fast forward and wondered how the new design for the stadium would look like.

Did a Google!

and this

and know what, I thought maybe CNA gave wrong image, that thing there look like Toilet seat leh, especially with the brown brown thingy in the middle there....

so I did a refresh, and same image came up.

piang! like that call design? Later I realised this is call "Horse Shoe" design.

So if one day, pigs and birds wear shoes, we haev that kind of design too lah? Image "birds feet" or even a "human feet" design

Retractable roof and can fill with water for water sports....wah!

but the design from the side sucks....don't even say IF I take helicopter up and look down....piang, a toilet with water....and perhaps other stuff that is brown in colour...

Think later the air space on top would be banned, because bad press.

Pilot: Why cannot fly over huh?

Air Control: sorry, cannot, if you fly over and look down, you may decide to take a leak or even bomb....

really pai-kwah!

personal opinion, worse than the least durian means something to some people as in favourite fruit, but Toilet? favourite toilet? maybe favourite public toilet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finland, Switzerland and Denmark

Strange, didn't know these three countries have mediocre governments.

No doubt they have broader base, but can afford mediocre government?
Gosh, mean to say we cannot, but they can.

Then US, UK, and practically all other countries also loh...can afford a mediocre government since all have a broader base than us both in terms of size, people and also economy.

"Does he realise that Singapore's GDP is only one-third of its external trade? Our external trade is 3 1/2 times that of our GDP, higher than Hong Kong. And if this economy ever falters, that's the end of Singapore and its First World status. Denmark, Switzerland and Finland are part of Europe. You can fail and you're still caught in the European situation. If you fail here, you go back to a Southeast Asian situation. Just look around you," said MM Lee.

I cannot fathom the gravity of such a statement. Really very serious statements made.

Southeast Asian Situation? piang!

loss of words...

Saturday, April 7, 2007

A refresher....a reminder.

Went blog surfing and read some of the older post posted at other places.

...when you can't wait for the end of the day. I just wanna pack up and go. Call it a day. But alas, meetings are holding me back. Not to say the least, I have tons of items to follow-up in my 'To-Do' list.Wince.

I kinda remembered an article (actually taken from The Straits Times but I can't find it anymore) I've read quite sometime ago. Made me re-think about what/who really matters.I'm sure the world still remembers Eugene O'Kelly. He passed away on Sept 10, 2005, and that's just ~1 year ago from my blog entry. He was the CEO of KPMG at 53, one of the largest US accounting firms. Only had lunch twice with his wife in his 12 years there.He died.

Ka-put.And the world moved on.

Give it another 5 years and I doubt people even bothered if a CEO named Eugene O'Kelly ever existed. That's the sad side of life - each passing day is a fleeting moment.

We are bustling ourselves with things that don't really matter, and spending most of our time with people who don't really care.Sad. Very sad.His memories will be treasured by his loved ones. People who really matter to him.

He became wise towards his final moments. Can I?Life. Memories. Loved ones. Treasures

This is a good post. Good reminder to me.


Of Ministerial Pay and Bad GovtWhy S'pore women won't have to be maids

I reproduce a Forum letter published in the Straits Time...

Of Ministerial Pay and Bad GovtWhy S'pore women won't have to be maids
ST Forum7th April 2007

I refer to the recent statements to the press by Lee Kuan Yew in which he described the scenario which would happen if S'pore were to lose the PAP government leadership and be led by less capable leaders.
I particularly take offence at the suggestion that Singaporean women would have to become maids in other countries, as this puts us in a bad light.Much as I do not deny that we need to pay our ministers what they are worth, which is altogether another topic, I strongly suggest that this scenario does not paint a true picture of the S'pore I know.
I believe S'poreans are made of sterner stuff than what LKY suggested and have the courage to overcome adversity with or without the PAP.If the entire Govt were to resign for pay reasons, I'm certain many S'poreans with heart and talent would step forward to take the mantle. LKY can be assured of this.
The main reason S'poreans do not want to step into politics is the negative culture & image created by the many lawsuits as well as obstacles put in the way of opposition parties.Without a truly creative and competitive environment, the PAP will have to use other ways & means to persuade quality people to join the Government. That may be a problem created by the Government itself.
Madam Tng Kok Khim.

Power hor?!
WAH sah with or without PAP!!! bold statement to make in the press.
Nowadays people dare to speak and challenge liao. Really pai-tan for many people.
I shrug to think man exported overseas as coolies helping some countries to carry concrete, sand and marble to lay roads and build buildings...hey! come to think of it, maybe then can call ourselves foreign talent too.
What irony!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

WE know who you are...WE know what you did last weekend...

whether you ordered pirated copies of DVDs and CDs of movies and soundtracks...that is.

S'pore students first to receive anti-piracy brochures

I draw your attention to:-

A recent raid in Malaysia raked in more than one million illegal copies.

"They found computers and databases of customers from all over the world and I'm afraid to say that a lot of those customers are here in Singapore. The gangs that are involved in this are organised crime groups, unquestionably organised crime groups," says Michael Ellis, Senior VP & Regional Director (Asia Pacific), Motion Picture Association – International.

"And Singapore customers who are dialling or emailing their orders to Malaysia and asking for the products to be delivered here are involved and supporting organised crime. And I have to tell you, we know who you are and we're providing that information to the authorities in Singapore. If you think that by buying one disc or one pirated DVD, you're not involved in this, it doesn't affect you, you're wrong, it does," says Mr Ellis.

hey! no play play ok. ORGANISED CRIME OK! You know mafia, Secret Societies, 369, Hong Hung? Respect. Organised Crime ok!!!!

Police: I got information you called "So true Company" in Malaysia to order 10 discs and have them delivered to your place.
Commoner: No lah, I only called this guy named Peter on his phone leh, to bring me 10 discs.

Police: Peter is from where?
Commoner: dun know leh, he said he from "So false Company" that deals with video movies and stuff, say cheap cheap and fast fast can deliver to me.

Police: Peter from where, we would check, but your phone record and our raids revealled that you a regular of "So true" and ordered many things loh. You also on their loyalty programme tio or not?"
Commoner: Good deal mah, buy 10 get 3 free, buy 3 get 1 free. Singapore cannot find deals like that one, somemore hor, delivery FREE leh, piang offer like that must cheong mah!

Police: You would be charged with supporting organised crime in both Singapore and Malaysia, everything you say or don't say would be sued against you in the court of law. We shall now begin our kopi drinking...


Move of Great Reluctance

I was online browsing through CNA today and read the following article
Move of Great Reluctance (By Sheralyn Tay, TODAY Posted: 04 April 2007 1224 hrs ).

I think my English must be not power enough...

" Yesterday, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan expressed surprise that the SMA's fee guide, started 20 years ago to make transparent private medical charges, should be seen by lawyers as contravening the year-old Competition Act. The good news is that his ministry is now planning to publish doctors' fees online to help patients make comparisons. "

If lawyers see fee guide as contavening Competition Act, then why MOH wants to publish doctors' fee online for people to make comparsion? SMA's is a fee guide, while MOH publishes fees online to inform people where more ex and where less, so in the long run, there is still a range of prices to choose from----not much difference from a guide tio?, just that the way is is done is different.

After reading this, gosh, check the law also so expensive!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Slice of Singapore on Wikipedia (1st April 2007)

I read in the Straits Times, "Slice of Singapore on Wikipedia", by Jocelyn Lee (1 April 2007).

It is perhaps very interesting to note that Wiki has all the inherent flaws and dangers stated in the news piece, it is still one of the more popular places that people refer to for their work and entertainment.

It was stated at Wikipedia that is a multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia project. Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers; its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the web site. The name is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a type of collaborative website) and encyclopedia. Its primary servers are in Tampa, Florida, with additional servers in Amsterdam and Seoul.

Wikipedia also added that Critics have questioned Wikipedia's reliability and accuracy.[9] The site has also been criticized for its susceptibility to vandalism,[10] uneven quality, systemic bias and inconsistencies,[11] and for favoring consensus over credentials in its editorial process.[12] Wikipedia's content policies[13] and sub-projects set up by contributors seek to address these concerns.[14] Two scholarly studies have concluded that vandalism is generally short-lived[15] and that Wikipedia is roughly as accurate as other encyclopedias.[16].

I interpreted the above as machiam like

I tell you hor, you want to read my blog, can loh, but got people say my blog, no email address, no nice fonts, no colour, no content, content expressed why only personal views, etc. so you see, you want to read, is your problem loh. You want to quote from me, can lah! but hor, please tell me and if wrong, don't scold me hor!.

in more decent English....

Wikipedia says...You have been warned that using me as a source of info gives you the potential of this and that a problem, so what i am telling you is, you can use, but please please verify the facts that people use here. It is always a good exercise to verify and cross verify things you find on the net and don't suka suka just use. Remember even books have facts that are correct at one point in history and wrong if placed at another point in time, not to mention that even books have infactual data too.

Come to think of it, newspapers too make mistakes and while newspapers are corrected internally, Wiki can be corrected by a worldwide audience and the good part of it, no apologies needed.

Always a disclaimer to all information sources...always there.

In my Ah Beng language I would say

"my guarantee to you hor for using Wikipedia is, if people see already and know it is wrong, will change one, very fast, no need to call press centre and say this and that wrong, and wait for next day then change. Also hor, FREE one, no need pay and pay!"

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SMiled in Shock !?

Singapore swimmers in hot water

I find it very difficult to believe that the above boys are not mocking at their US competitors.


Do you smile in shock???

The saying is that there would be investigation, I wonder how to..

Investigator: why did you smile?
The boys: I shocked that my friends were disqualified, so I smiled.

Investigator: You mean, shocked until smile?
The boys: Yeah, cannot control. sorry but it really did happen. I won't smile if not shocked plus they are my friends mah

Investigator:oh. ok. so why were you shocked?
The boys: because they the best of the best and they are our friends

Investigator: so why you were shocked since both are you ar also sportsman and know even the best can make mistakes? Our sources tell us that you pointed at the time board and then smiled. Did you smile when the US folks touched the finishing line?

The boys: no. didn't smile, maybe I did....cannot remember lah. It's all a BIG mistake and misunderstanding lah. We smiled because we were shocked and not unhappy that US was disqualified.

Investigator: That I understand, this shocking business and the report should also should ask you boys first before going to print them. Oh. btw. I am here to do an investigation....

Smoother traffic for Passengers...but for buses ONLY

I have never been for the idea of bus lanes....

Full day bus lanes mean smoother travel for passengers

What we should have are public transport lanes. Lanes on the road that caters to all forms of public transport. This would also be a good move to encourage people to take public transport.
Public transport includes both the Buses and TAXIs.

How about us, drivers of private cars then? We do have appointments and need to get around quicker too. Agreed. but you have the luxury of a car and you have the remaining few lanes to get around too.

"You got "ka", I don't have- I take ba-s and taxi only"

Monday, April 2, 2007

Good for you, and good for me too.

Bangladeshi workers in S'pore watch World Cup action for free

I am always very sceptical when I read things like this. I wonder if the nearby grocery shop that he owns, provides the Bangladeshi workers there free food and drinks too.

Well, I have to say that this is a very good business move:-
1) I set up tv here, you sit here and buy food and drinks from me ok?
2) You know I take care of you folks, so bring more friends here ok, for the period of the world cup and after that too.
3) overhear a worker say in the future "you know that xyz shop that showed us free cricket match the other time huh, the field there we meet dae, and then can buy food and beer from there somethere"
4) The basic investment of $8,500 especially the cost of the projector is definitely recoverable.

The effects of this publicity stunt has really long lasting effects.....

btw. I am just being sceptical, if the owner is of a pure heart and offered this screening in the goodness of looking after his brothers working in Singapore. I salute.

Understand meh? Inside coffeeshops, like many don't leh!

I must have been so blur to not realise that coffeeshops are not patronised by workers ...

Workers understand need for civil service, ministerial pay review: NTUC Chief

I must be missing something here as if workers understand then:-
1) most people objecting the pay review are either not workers and are students, self made bosses and/or politicians!


I quote:-
" Mr Lim says unionists have continued to reach out to the ground to explain the issue, that having the right talent in government, could help strengthen tripartism. Mr Lim said, "I think looking ahead into the future as workers as union leaders, we are fully aware of the kind of competition that we will be facing in the future. So in other words we have to run very fast and running very fast means that we must have leaders both in the government, in the civil service, in the business community as well as in the labour movement. So from that regard, I would say that progressively more and more union leaders and workers will accept and realise that actually it is to the interest of the workers, to the interest of the labour movement to ensure that the government will do whatever necessary to attract the fair share of talent. "

Leaders both in the govt (and civil service) and business community? I scratched my head and think this means more MPs, and govt appointed people holding directorship in both private and public companies.

Like that if assuming this person is all out for the companies that he is in to make money, then mana have time to jaga the country? MPs holding many directorship cna take care of constituency meh? If not executive ones and yet still get director pay, then this company really is..... (censored).

Again I quote..

"Basically we hope the government will succeed in attracting Singaporeans, not only people with a good knowledge in their head but more importantly, a strong passion in their heart, because what we need is political leaders as well as civil servants, people who really care about the ground, who understand their anxiety, who understand their aspiration. "

This one really the champion statement! You know, I ALSO care and I also anxious for your well being and I seek to understand your aspiration too, think can spare me some of the increment? I would care more and be more anxious for you, fi you do...

You can call me "lui bin" or money faced but isn't that so true for the above statement?

Money to retain and buy passion and a sense of care for the people?