Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When a cab is not to be (Part 2)

An update to the above...

LTA referred my case to Comfort.
Comfort contacted me via email and say that taxi driver was there but I not there, so driver pressed "no show" to their operator, Operator goes on to give him permission to go off.

I then reply to say the driver was telling a blatant Lie! I was waiting at the spot and I can see all taxis that come into my estate. Taxis have this feature where the passenger gets contacted when the driver cannot locate them. I wasn't contacted at all!

All in all, I told comfort, their operator and driver did not do their due diligence- did not attempt to locate me and that the driver must have stopped somewhere else and then just pressed the "no show" button without coming to my estate.

You know what! Comfort later send me another email asking me to describe the date, time and cab number all over again. The CSO who sent me the email did not scroll through to the bottom of the email.

Later on, a CSO called (not email) me and apologised. Said that they have investigated the case, and found driver to be lying and have penalised the driver.

OK loh, you say, then I believe lah.

Case closed.

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