Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Run for your life!

Today Indonesia got earthquake and Singapore was affected with some (think is 2 figuratively) tremors here and there. Large scale evacuation, schools were affected and many offices were closed in some of the 300 over buildings that decided to shake here and there a little over the late morning and early afternoon.

Over at my work place, a strange email came from one of those who is a PR in the building, asking the Landlord, what should be done now that the person feels the "yo yo". This person even said that the building next door ordered evacuation and so how about us? The person then went on to say, in the light of "tolong tolong, please help help help as I don't know what to do and when to run if the building "yo" again."

I only have this to say....if you can ask a question like this and expect the Landlord to reply you with all decency, then I think it time for you to go.

If you sense danger, you can run, no one will fault you! If you find that you are the only one running, then perhaps at the end of it all, everyone would say you treasure your life and you are smart. If you ask people via EMAIL whether you should run or not, then perhaps you just made your point that you are not worth saving after all! You can send email so how urgent can it be???

Sometimes, don't be too well educated if you can't cope with the education :)

On a positive note however, I think the earth quake did shake many people up as they suddenly realise that there are such a thing as earthquakes after all. Many Singaporeans also had the first hand experience of tremors unlike previous occasions where the very lucky and privilege residential areas like Toa Payoh get to have them.

I think sooner or later (in jest) Singapore gonna have earthquake tremor drills liao...

"Yo ah Yo!
tremor lai liao!
fast fast hide under table if you can't get to a door
that is the drill loh.
Yo ah Yo!"

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