Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pay Up and Up!

Ministers pay and civil servants pay are in the spotlight again, though the minister's pay more people talk about.

In summary, Singapore Ministers get good pay and that I mean very good pay as compared to "we or maybe me, the peasant(s)". As a comparsion, GB from US only don't earn anywhere near in terms of US dollars as compared to my PM in Singapore. WE are talking about many peanuts here....

Also the increment SEEMS only for Civil SERVANTS of a certain pay scale and above namely superscale and above loh.

This post shall not go into the details of how Singapore Ministers pay are pegged and the various other justifications that goes into saying"Agree" to the pay increment.

Generally, in me limited "research", there re a few schools of thoughts:-
1) pay increase ok, but why increase so much?
2) what you mean by civil servant? servant of the people or servant of some other things tangible and/or intangible?
3) pay increase not ok at all, GST increase also not ok, everything also not ok!!!
4) everything also ok, but please increase my pay too ok?

In the course of the debate on the money, Soros, Mother Teresa, GB and many other country leaders were mentioned, so how to say our money opps sorry (I meant) Ministers not power and that our Singapore residents not politically, socially and economically astue and aware???

Also from a posting I read... need to pay and retain so they don't jump ship and later come back and sink our own ship. Also got say, time and talent all kenna sacrificed because in government serving the people. Wah....then talk talk until got people say the 66.7 people very stupid/ blind, etc. also ask this one is a mandate meh? The whole whole election thingy again.

Think of it, mana boleh? I really don't understand!!!

Best one was this question I came across "Ministers do what one huh? shake hand and carry baby only is it?" --- Clever answer is "no lah, more than that lah, also have to sit in meetings and then think how to make Singapore Changi Airport number ONE every year loh"

Now now hor, this one I understand....make Singapore competitive lah. To this one, honestly I believe should increase pay lah, but don't increase so much can? leave some for me lah.

The whole thing now all very complicated, because got agents from many side all want to tell their story loh. machiam, information, mis-information and counter information like that....sibeh war, man!!!

Someone recently asked "what my thinking" on the whole ministers, talent, pay and GST" machiam like doing CNA interview like this.

I only have the following few comments to make:-
1) My pay got increase or not?
2) My pay got pegged to the MIDDLE 10-20 top professions in Singapore or not? No? but then I peasant lah...
3) Singapore's kampung must be so messy thats why US kampung's headman less pay than ours loh. Anyway, cannot compare kampung lah!!!
4) Cannot compare the"sim" (in hokkien- as in the heart) of old guards and new guards of the government loh, time different already!!!--> maybe more headaches = more money

Ultimately hor after "laaaaah" coffee sometime, the interviewer also blur, so whats my stand?
I say "piang! I say so much you still don't know meh?---> my pay got up or not?

And no. I not some politically blur sotong who don't know how much one peanut costs and what it means to lose me job due to foreign talent, I just hope that day doesn't come.

We the citizens of Singapore
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society,
based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

I not copy and paste one, I write from what I memorise many many years of my existence in Singapore. Like that got pay increase or not???

Additions added to this post on 30/3/2007 (3.20 pm)

Wah, just read a very very power article here
This author very can, can mix mix idealism and pragmatism together and come up with the Singapore brand of politics!!!! this one real power, very very Can ah!

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