Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Walking the Banana??

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

The first secret I learnt in 2007 from where I work is to laugh. I learnt that laughing can also be a forum topic to talk about at an organisation get together event.

The speaker gave a very good example of "the" banana went strolling at a park, complete with lash and an owner. The speaker used this example to basically tell us that in my "beng" language..."you think people cannot remember you one lah!" and the subsequent "Why you worry so much...people so free think of you meh?"

Gist is this guy brought the banana walking one day, and even though that very day, the walk brought about many stares from the ah peh and ah soh, all was forgotten by the time this guy walked past the same spot the very next day.

However, I picked up another two lessons.

If this same fellow brings the banana back to the same spot the very next day, I am sure the same ah peh and ah soh would remember him immediately and stare further. If this walking the banana happens again and again for a period of time, everyone would have got tired of talking about him and see this "walking the banana" as everyday occurence.

Now, points from the above is this...
1) You want people to forget, then don't do it again lah. Also don't help people do a "refresh" by doing the same thing again.
2) If you have to do it again, and have super thick skin, then it ok anyway, as people will be "sian" of talking about you anyway after some time...

So its ok to laugh after all... and don't be so serious about do sah-lah ok! ....

"as do sah-lah also nevermind, just don't do it again unless you are the super thick skin type."

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