Thursday, March 1, 2007

Comparsion of Profession?

some time ago, I read this, comparing the profession of the librarian and that of the medical doctors. The paper goes that as doctors, they up their expertise by attending conference, writing papers, blah blah blah and so by uping their expertise, they up their pay as well. Goes on to talk about librarians should also do the same, peg their promotions to their professional development, if no development then no promotion.

point is this.....doctors earn 10k a month, librarians don't (at least most don't)

doctors from the onset need to be go for many years of education, internship and then housemanship, and within them more exams. Librarians don't have that many years of formal librarianship training, housemanship for that matter and professional tests.

One is a specialists, librarianship in a way is a generalist of sorts. Try asking a librarian to be a doctor and vice versa, ask their customer who they want to be served by (ie. a librarian pretending to be a doctor or a doctor pretending to be a librarianship).

The Singapore Medical council (vis a vis medical board) is recognised as the body to censure doctors and can strike doctors off their tonnes of money payroll. In Singapore, censure and strike librarians off their payroll (think me union is stronger?!)

Not "like" doctors then cannot pretend to be like "doctors", not playing masak masak when talking about people's lives , careers and families here.

want to compare, compare teachers and librarians....sounds more like apple to apple.

both are generalist of sorts, both cannot take over the jobs of doctors, both also cannot be censure by their respective associations and taken off payroll, both deal with making sense of information and get my drift?

so back to professional development, teachers not doing that and they are still better paid than us, need I say more?

To me, librarianship is not about how power you are in terms of knowledge, etc. but how you use that to touch lives. Perhaps have a touch live barometer, touch 1 life = 1 point. 100 points can get promoted.

opps...I let out I am a librarian liao....but let me keep me association secret, I scare I tio sack and be the martyr of this scheme.


btw. if this is read by anyone for that matter who is for the scheme, then good for you for having a stand but just don't pretend to be the doctor...

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Ivan Chew said...

"librarianship is not about how power you are in terms of knowledge, etc. but how you use that to touch lives. " -- well said. :)