Friday, March 30, 2007

Cool Library Videos

baby steps from me in advancing my profession in some way....

Source: Metacafe vids (which to me is so much better than the tube for Metacafe's moderation policy is almost non existant...get what I mean?).

The WAH!:- (small steps for the profession)

The bo-liao!:- (this one really bo liao until beng!) (Bo liao Singaporean)

The eee:- (for noisy gals)

The Candid:- (Malaysian, but also so Singaporean)

Now who say, Librarians got nothing to do at the library and say library work very boring???
whole day stamp book and paste date due books? you gotta be kidding.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pay Up and Up!

Ministers pay and civil servants pay are in the spotlight again, though the minister's pay more people talk about.

In summary, Singapore Ministers get good pay and that I mean very good pay as compared to "we or maybe me, the peasant(s)". As a comparsion, GB from US only don't earn anywhere near in terms of US dollars as compared to my PM in Singapore. WE are talking about many peanuts here....

Also the increment SEEMS only for Civil SERVANTS of a certain pay scale and above namely superscale and above loh.

This post shall not go into the details of how Singapore Ministers pay are pegged and the various other justifications that goes into saying"Agree" to the pay increment.

Generally, in me limited "research", there re a few schools of thoughts:-
1) pay increase ok, but why increase so much?
2) what you mean by civil servant? servant of the people or servant of some other things tangible and/or intangible?
3) pay increase not ok at all, GST increase also not ok, everything also not ok!!!
4) everything also ok, but please increase my pay too ok?

In the course of the debate on the money, Soros, Mother Teresa, GB and many other country leaders were mentioned, so how to say our money opps sorry (I meant) Ministers not power and that our Singapore residents not politically, socially and economically astue and aware???

Also from a posting I read... need to pay and retain so they don't jump ship and later come back and sink our own ship. Also got say, time and talent all kenna sacrificed because in government serving the people. Wah....then talk talk until got people say the 66.7 people very stupid/ blind, etc. also ask this one is a mandate meh? The whole whole election thingy again.

Think of it, mana boleh? I really don't understand!!!

Best one was this question I came across "Ministers do what one huh? shake hand and carry baby only is it?" --- Clever answer is "no lah, more than that lah, also have to sit in meetings and then think how to make Singapore Changi Airport number ONE every year loh"

Now now hor, this one I understand....make Singapore competitive lah. To this one, honestly I believe should increase pay lah, but don't increase so much can? leave some for me lah.

The whole thing now all very complicated, because got agents from many side all want to tell their story loh. machiam, information, mis-information and counter information like that....sibeh war, man!!!

Someone recently asked "what my thinking" on the whole ministers, talent, pay and GST" machiam like doing CNA interview like this.

I only have the following few comments to make:-
1) My pay got increase or not?
2) My pay got pegged to the MIDDLE 10-20 top professions in Singapore or not? No? but then I peasant lah...
3) Singapore's kampung must be so messy thats why US kampung's headman less pay than ours loh. Anyway, cannot compare kampung lah!!!
4) Cannot compare the"sim" (in hokkien- as in the heart) of old guards and new guards of the government loh, time different already!!!--> maybe more headaches = more money

Ultimately hor after "laaaaah" coffee sometime, the interviewer also blur, so whats my stand?
I say "piang! I say so much you still don't know meh?---> my pay got up or not?

And no. I not some politically blur sotong who don't know how much one peanut costs and what it means to lose me job due to foreign talent, I just hope that day doesn't come.

We the citizens of Singapore
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society,
based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

I not copy and paste one, I write from what I memorise many many years of my existence in Singapore. Like that got pay increase or not???

Additions added to this post on 30/3/2007 (3.20 pm)

Wah, just read a very very power article here
This author very can, can mix mix idealism and pragmatism together and come up with the Singapore brand of politics!!!! this one real power, very very Can ah!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When a cab is not to be (Part 2)

An update to the above...

LTA referred my case to Comfort.
Comfort contacted me via email and say that taxi driver was there but I not there, so driver pressed "no show" to their operator, Operator goes on to give him permission to go off.

I then reply to say the driver was telling a blatant Lie! I was waiting at the spot and I can see all taxis that come into my estate. Taxis have this feature where the passenger gets contacted when the driver cannot locate them. I wasn't contacted at all!

All in all, I told comfort, their operator and driver did not do their due diligence- did not attempt to locate me and that the driver must have stopped somewhere else and then just pressed the "no show" button without coming to my estate.

You know what! Comfort later send me another email asking me to describe the date, time and cab number all over again. The CSO who sent me the email did not scroll through to the bottom of the email.

Later on, a CSO called (not email) me and apologised. Said that they have investigated the case, and found driver to be lying and have penalised the driver.

OK loh, you say, then I believe lah.

Case closed.

My Blog

Somebody commented to me that my blog has no return email address (if thats the way I should put it) and so not "user friendly".

You know... I think left and I think right then in the end, the Ah Beng in me says " Think so much for what!".

DECISION is status quo loh. want to contact me, then leave comment in my blog loh.

My blog need not be user friendly lah, just reader (literally read-er) friendly can already. In a way, thats why here don't have many pictures (if any), blah blah...

Another comment I got from a friend was "WHY I so afraid to put my company name in the blog?" My reply was this "ok loh but so far nobody ask, and so if people ask me, then I tell them loh"

Monday, March 26, 2007

work and play

Question: which is more important, work or play?
hmm...perhaps a better question is which one of the two gives you more stress---normally.

In recent months (Especially!), I have encounters with people who are all work and no play or should I put it as, work dominates so much of their lives, they have no time for any other thing but work only. If work becomes so stressful perhaps time to rethink of many things.

Don't wait wait wait until all else that is important have left then you remember them.

well someONE may say, but the people needs the job to bring back the bread mah! so need to chiong and chiong! OK. granted. eat the bread alone net time ok!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's been a week of ups and downs.

It's been slightly more than a week since I last posted.

Over the past 1 week, many things happened.

I see both a birth of a new born to a colleague and also the hospitalisation of my old man.
Thats the thing about life isn't it, one day happy and another day not so.
One day see life coming on and another see life being threatened.
Also I moment, I get many pat for a job well done in my work unit and another moment, I get the "I not hungry enough at work" comment. sigh.

HONESTLY, with days like this, I also don't know how to beng in this post.

sibeh sian!

Comments not welcome.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Run for your life!

Today Indonesia got earthquake and Singapore was affected with some (think is 2 figuratively) tremors here and there. Large scale evacuation, schools were affected and many offices were closed in some of the 300 over buildings that decided to shake here and there a little over the late morning and early afternoon.

Over at my work place, a strange email came from one of those who is a PR in the building, asking the Landlord, what should be done now that the person feels the "yo yo". This person even said that the building next door ordered evacuation and so how about us? The person then went on to say, in the light of "tolong tolong, please help help help as I don't know what to do and when to run if the building "yo" again."

I only have this to say....if you can ask a question like this and expect the Landlord to reply you with all decency, then I think it time for you to go.

If you sense danger, you can run, no one will fault you! If you find that you are the only one running, then perhaps at the end of it all, everyone would say you treasure your life and you are smart. If you ask people via EMAIL whether you should run or not, then perhaps you just made your point that you are not worth saving after all! You can send email so how urgent can it be???

Sometimes, don't be too well educated if you can't cope with the education :)

On a positive note however, I think the earth quake did shake many people up as they suddenly realise that there are such a thing as earthquakes after all. Many Singaporeans also had the first hand experience of tremors unlike previous occasions where the very lucky and privilege residential areas like Toa Payoh get to have them.

I think sooner or later (in jest) Singapore gonna have earthquake tremor drills liao...

"Yo ah Yo!
tremor lai liao!
fast fast hide under table if you can't get to a door
that is the drill loh.
Yo ah Yo!"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Walking the Banana??

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

The first secret I learnt in 2007 from where I work is to laugh. I learnt that laughing can also be a forum topic to talk about at an organisation get together event.

The speaker gave a very good example of "the" banana went strolling at a park, complete with lash and an owner. The speaker used this example to basically tell us that in my "beng" language..."you think people cannot remember you one lah!" and the subsequent "Why you worry so much...people so free think of you meh?"

Gist is this guy brought the banana walking one day, and even though that very day, the walk brought about many stares from the ah peh and ah soh, all was forgotten by the time this guy walked past the same spot the very next day.

However, I picked up another two lessons.

If this same fellow brings the banana back to the same spot the very next day, I am sure the same ah peh and ah soh would remember him immediately and stare further. If this walking the banana happens again and again for a period of time, everyone would have got tired of talking about him and see this "walking the banana" as everyday occurence.

Now, points from the above is this...
1) You want people to forget, then don't do it again lah. Also don't help people do a "refresh" by doing the same thing again.
2) If you have to do it again, and have super thick skin, then it ok anyway, as people will be "sian" of talking about you anyway after some time...

So its ok to laugh after all... and don't be so serious about do sah-lah ok! ....

"as do sah-lah also nevermind, just don't do it again unless you are the super thick skin type."

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Comparsion of Profession?

some time ago, I read this, comparing the profession of the librarian and that of the medical doctors. The paper goes that as doctors, they up their expertise by attending conference, writing papers, blah blah blah and so by uping their expertise, they up their pay as well. Goes on to talk about librarians should also do the same, peg their promotions to their professional development, if no development then no promotion.

point is this.....doctors earn 10k a month, librarians don't (at least most don't)

doctors from the onset need to be go for many years of education, internship and then housemanship, and within them more exams. Librarians don't have that many years of formal librarianship training, housemanship for that matter and professional tests.

One is a specialists, librarianship in a way is a generalist of sorts. Try asking a librarian to be a doctor and vice versa, ask their customer who they want to be served by (ie. a librarian pretending to be a doctor or a doctor pretending to be a librarianship).

The Singapore Medical council (vis a vis medical board) is recognised as the body to censure doctors and can strike doctors off their tonnes of money payroll. In Singapore, censure and strike librarians off their payroll (think me union is stronger?!)

Not "like" doctors then cannot pretend to be like "doctors", not playing masak masak when talking about people's lives , careers and families here.

want to compare, compare teachers and librarians....sounds more like apple to apple.

both are generalist of sorts, both cannot take over the jobs of doctors, both also cannot be censure by their respective associations and taken off payroll, both deal with making sense of information and get my drift?

so back to professional development, teachers not doing that and they are still better paid than us, need I say more?

To me, librarianship is not about how power you are in terms of knowledge, etc. but how you use that to touch lives. Perhaps have a touch live barometer, touch 1 life = 1 point. 100 points can get promoted.

opps...I let out I am a librarian liao....but let me keep me association secret, I scare I tio sack and be the martyr of this scheme.


btw. if this is read by anyone for that matter who is for the scheme, then good for you for having a stand but just don't pretend to be the doctor...