Thursday, February 15, 2007

When a cab is not to be....

I used to have some faith in the booking system the local cab companies, but now....
I just shot off the below to ST Forum+ verbal complain to Comfort !!!

World class transport system plus internationally growing company like COMFORT can definitely do better than the below... cheh!

Dear Editor,
I seek your assistance to have the following published....

This morning, I called for a cab via Comfort'S 6552-1111 at 6.53 am and was duly given a cab (SHA 3298M) with an estimated time of arrival of between 5- 8 minutes.

As with the current system, any customer with a booking made via the automated system and who calls up the system again woudl be greeted with a "Would you like to cancel the booking...." message, but I was suprising amazed when this message did not come through, what greeted me was another message that asks me if I would like to make a booking.

I subsequently spoke to a operator, who on questioning of my cab, did not enquire further and decided to send another cab to me as a replacement.

I would appreciate if Comfort can answer the following questions:-
1) Since I was given a cab number and I did not cancel my booking, what happen to my booking? The taxi driver cancel the booking?

2) In any case, can the taxi driver do that? If there are circumstances that allow such a cancellation to be made, then why wasn't I informed?

3) I called for the cab at 6.53 am and if taxi driver arrived on time, then I could pay the much lesser booking fee of $1.50 and could even avoid paying the $2 peak
hour surcharge. For the above replacement cab, I paid $4 for booking and the $2 peak hour charge.

COMFORT state of the art booking system leaves much to be desired in terms of reliability as I have had occasions of the following in the past:-

1) 2 cabs coming to attend to my single booking;

2) system telling me a different cab number from the cab that attended to me;

3) the failure of the taxi booking system to register my cancellation of a cab, resulting in the cab driver calling me up to ask me where I was, etc? Driver did not get any notification of cancellation at all and that was more than 5 minutes from my point of cancellation.


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