Saturday, February 17, 2007

Next Step

Now, that the blog is on the way, next step I guess is to pump in the content and to have the blog listed somehow on the world's major search engines "exchanges". Gosh got to go read up a little on this.
You know what! blogexplosion told me cannot list me yet as I have less than 10 posts and they cannot do proper evaluation, and asks me to try again after I achieved the incredible 10. :)


Ivan Chew said...

Dude, don't worry about being listed on search engines or hit rates etc. While it's true that the chances of being listed high in search engine results list increases with the number of posts you have, it's more important to write what you love, or what you find meaningful.

I feel that being listed in search engines is a natural outcome of writing well, and relevant posts. If it's the objective, there are other ways to do it but over time, it'll be pointless. :)

tiny digit said...

you know, I not that desPerately to have high hit rate and be famous. I was just expressing my sentiments of not being listed that all, period. I don't worry about such things, as there are things bigger than a blog and being heard on blogsphere.

If my intention is to be famous, then a porn or gambling site would be my choice and not something like this. Think I have more easily available content of such sorts.

Should know when advice is needed and when is not.