Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Linear Bus Stops?

you know, this one make me laugh loud loud.
buses now have bus bays to drive into and when they cannot come out from their bus bays because of other motorists not giving way during peak periods, they have this cleaver thing of linear bus stops.

Mind you, busy peak periods all also cannot move or move very very slowly, so how to give way leh.

If have linear bustops, that would mean behind cars all cannot move liao once the bus stops to pick up passengers. Many vehicles jam 1 bus is better or 1 bus jam many vehicles

Some cars would also attempt to overtake thereby increasing risk of accident. Also some drivers see elephant in front also cannot stop one, also accident.

Now already have bus lane, should be good enough loh...only think of passengers, how about the motorists who pay the COE and PAY ROAD TAX???

ULTIMATELY, if people give way then ok loh, bus can come out and all passengers also happy. Motorist also happy as now no need these type of inconvenience....

but then hor....

Think should go on a nation wide "use the motorcyle" campaign, then no worries about congestion and slow moving vehicles for some time.... take car also jam, take bus also jam====> now time to increase MRT fares liao !!!! following that, say too many cars-====> increase ROAD TAX, ERP and radio and TV licence fee for cars following that say too many people take bus, until bus spoilt. say too many people take Taxi, so not enough taxis on road===> market logic and cost recovery so increase taxi fare and bus fare.

the buzzz word is increase... but why no one increase OUR pay?

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