Friday, February 23, 2007

Book Review 3: Raptor Force By Bill Yenne

In this fiction title, the US president formed a motley group of man to go after a band of Islamic extremist after suffering a major first attack on US soil. Similar to 911, a plane flew traight into a Denever Skyscraper and killed tonnes of people. Without the formal authorisation of the United Nations, read how the USA comes about forming this motley group of loners, misfits and forgottens to bring about vengenace. The book brings into the picture the binding powers of treaties, the corruptible nature of man and also the "I have it but don't treasure it mentality of man".

Overall, this book is a simple read, at least to my taste, not thrilling enough to make me read it day and night. On a scale of 5 medals (with 1 being forget about it and 5 being must read, then this is a 2 medals book to me:)

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