Friday, February 23, 2007

Book Review 1: Why we want you to be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert T Kiyosaki

A joint effort by two financial and investing gurus! The books start off with a very impactful and ivniting start but tapers off towards the end. By the time, I was at chapter 5, I was a little bored and can't wait to stop reading.

A book that offers both perspective in many issues and poverty. A central line to the book is that the middle class is vanishing, with corresponding increases in the lower and upper classes of society.

Honestly, with much cross references to their other titles, this book comes across much like a last ditch publicity stance to jack up sales of their other books!

Book medal award: 3 medals out of 5 (On a scale of 5, 1 is can forget about it and 5 is very good, must have and die die must read!)

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