Friday, August 28, 2009

Life after Death

It is the 7th lunar month of the year again. It is a time when the so called the gates of heaven, hell and realm of the living are opened and the inhabitants of the nether world come out to visit relatives and roam the human world. Also known as the 7th month, the month is observed by many Chinese and is a major part of Chinese Culture. Also known as the Ghost Festival, the month is in fact observed, and even celebrated by many chinese.

See here for more details about the 7th month:- the

When a person comes to live, they come naked and when they go, they leave naked, leaving all clothes, monetary, physical possessions and relations behind. It is the same for whichever religion one may belong to. That is a fact. It is also a fact that one comes to be born to go through the passages of life, age, sickness and death.

There is a popular saying that if one does not goes through these four phases in life, one would not be reborn.

I don't believe in being reborn, but I do believe that after I pass on, my spirit goes somewhere, either up or down. It is always interesting to know that in some beliefs, the spirit may not go up and down, but rather stay in the world of humans where they roam the world. Honestly, I do believe that there are spirits, no. I can't see them but rather I do feel them at times. The moments of sudden chillness when one enters a strange room is indescrible.

Sometimes and most times, I rather believe than not when we are talking about a world or paradigm of existence where I can't see or for the better of fact, most people can't too.

Some people do say, that they can see such stuff, greyish matter that floats everywhere around us, especially during this period or when they are in hospitals and cemeteries. Hospitals are the worse they say as these floating matters very open have holes in their bodies due to whatever reasons that they were there in the first place. Come to know a secret too, these people wheo can see such things, have green veins that connect their eyes to the visory cabailities. Believe or not?

Now back to the 7th month.

Buring of incense, placing of food for these wandering spirits to savour and the burning of "paper" clothes, ATM machines, cars and other stuff are common sights during this period. Of course, the "send to" gifts are all just paper made and modelled after their real and practical counterparts.

Honestly, I think sometimes, that they have better lift than the living...

I always hope for money that would drop from Heaven or the sky. ......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Conflicts of History

People have died and homeless have been made.

Who is at fault? Who should be held accountable for the many made homeless and for all the families who lost their love ones?

We see many communities criticising, condemning and even proposing wiping out the aggressor.

Looking back at history...

The feud was a century old one. One that came about becasue of the survival for the right of existence and survival. One that came about because of a need for equality and impartial division of land.

Who is right and who is wrong...I don't know as I do not live and have live durong the time when the animosity started.

We are all chosen people, depending on whose side you are on. Is it a war of religion or should I rightfully say a contest and not war of civilisation?

Several wars have been fought on this front- all if not mostly conventional ones. The victor have all emerged clearly or perhaps not when we talk about losses to mankind. Perhaps mankind is not that important after all when faced with land, riches and power.

I don't know, i thought man is only second to GOD.

Circumstances creates heros who in turn are judged by the many who look back upon history.

History is not so simple a subject after all....

A rocket fired and a missle is returned
A stone threw and a bullet is returned
A person seized and a hectre of land is seized in return
A person died and a village is flattened
A war starts and the Union of Nations is startled.

A war ends, but what has been lost is gone forever and ever
A building can be rebuilt, but the soul of the building cannot never be recovered
An army can be rebuilt but never the sons of a family
A call for peace can be made but never can the peace of times returned for a long time after...

May Peace comes soon to the people in Gaza, Israel and people in was war zones.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Falun Gong and the Epoch Times

Wonder how many of you read or know anything about the Falun Gong
Epoch Times is a newspaper publication by them.

Note that I am not a follower or as their members call a practitoner of this way of life. I just though it interesting to blog about them since I was led to read about them from a user's request.

Who are they?

Falun Gong (法輪功) is a spiritual discipline founded in China by Li Hongzhi (李洪志) in 1992.It has five sets of meditation exercises and seeks to develop practitioners' hearts and character according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance (真,善,忍), articulated in the main books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun (轉法輪). The teachings deal with issues such as "cultivation of virtue and character", "moral standards for different levels", and "salvation of all sentient beings." The books, lectures, and exercise materials have been translated into over 40 languages and are available on the Internet free of charge.
In April 1999 over ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners gathered at Chinese Communist Party headquarters, Zhongnanhai, in a silent protest against beatings and arrests in Tianjin. Two months later the Chinese government, led by Jiang Zemin, banned the practice, began a crackdown, and started a "massive propaganda campaign." Since 1999, reports of torture, illegal imprisonment, beatings, forced labor, and psychiatric abuses have been widespread. 66% of all reported torture cases in China concern Falun Gong practitioners, who are also estimated to comprise at least half of China's labor camp population, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, and the US Department of State respectively.
I read about all the tortures on their website (, and was pretty taken aback by the descriptions with pictures of all the tortures exacted on them. Well, real or not, I don't know but what I know is this group has a massive following of people.
In case you didn't know, they even had a run in with Singapore authorities too and hmm...not sure if they have been banned in Singapore. I guess not.
Source- wikipedia.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year

It has been some time since my lasting posting..(as usual, it has been a long time)

A New Year is here and as I look back at 2008, I guess the year had gone by so quickly. Seems like only yesterday that it was 2000 (remember the year of the Millenium and all the fuss about PCs breaking down due to the 2000?).

Looking forward, hope the New Year would be a happier one for everyone.

Wishing all a Happy New Year indeed!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maple Story Guide to Getting More Mesos

My earlier post indicated that I have been playing games of late. So, after some playing on the Maple Story platform, came to the conclusion that there are some simple ways to earn money (mesos) in the game.

One can do Party Quest...

Party Questing is a great way to earn money. The prizes such as scrolls and weapons can easily sell for thousands even millions at Ludibrium pq. Quests plays a major part on earning money in Maplestory. Some quests like the Jane and the Wild Boar can give you a scroll worth a million and not forgetting that Subani's Legacy Discovery will make you rich with its glove attack scroll worth easily two million.

Can also try Scrolling...

Scrolling a risk it all for millions of coins. You should scroll with a 10% first. If it works, scroll the rest of the slots with 60%'s. If it doesn't work, sell the item and get another one. This makes the scrolled item the best stats without taking that much chances. The best things to scroll are white work gloves with attack scrolls and your class's weapon; if its pretty well scrolled, it can sell for millions(9 attack -11 attack work glove and a +10 attack - 17 attack weapon)

Be a Merchant...

Being a merchant is an awesome way to make coins. Buy low and sell high. Scrolls and stars are great merchant items because many people don't know the real price of those items. Just check here for the prices of items.

Not forgetting TRAINING...

Training. This is the most common way to earn money. You first look up monsters that are around your level and that drop good scrolls/ equips or lots of money. You train on that monster till you get drops. Always keep an empty space in your inventory to avoid being looted by others.

Now some may wonder why I post this out of the blue...hhmmm. I think I almost went bankrupt with a almost dying character in the game. Needs portions and lots of rest....However, I thought if I have a big bag of mesos, needn't have rest, just buy the post to help fellow mapler beginners start off...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


These days playing online games (eg. Maple Story and Also catching up with some old games Medal and Honour (Allied Assault). Not to be forgotten: PSP: Fifa 2008.

Don't really fancy Maple Story as takes a long time to level up the character and really is endless fighting and fighting. However, quite shiok lah, to see character level up. No choice but to play this, as my kids play this. One good thing though, from the game, my kids vocab has somewhat improved and so has their typing skills.

Imperiaonline is an excellent game, in my opinion at least. Real time resource development, and fighting and pit yourself and army with all the other players in the world. You can be attacked when you are offline, so what it takes is a good economic base and strong army. Simple game interface with little complications in terms of technology development and the like.

Medal and honour, the typical 1st person shooting game. Think should hook this up with another laptop and play with my kid.

PSP- mobile and portable. endless possibility in Fifa 2008. Looking for some good RPG games for this platform. Surprising I bought this for the kids but none of them got hooked on this- instead now I am the one playing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Woman of Steel and Courage: Elizabeth Choy

Besides the usual war heros who don arms and carry shields, today's spotlight is on a lady who smuggled medical supplies, radios, food and other necessities for POWs captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore during the Second World War.

Elizabeth Choy was caught by the Japanese after her husband and her were foudn to be smuggling medical supplies, radios, food and other necessities for POWs at the then Mental Hospital (Miyako Hospital). Captured on 15 November 1943, she endured 200 days of starvation and torture before the Japs released her.

After the War, celebrated as a survivor of the Japanese Occupation, she was invited to England and had an audience with Queen Elizabeth.